Voice of the Faithful


What’s the official position of the Magisterium on the Voice of the Faithful group?


I don’t know if the Magisterium has actually formed an official position. However, in my search, I came across this article by the editor of Crisis Magazine regarding Voice of the Faithful:



Voice of the Faithful seems like just another “Call-to-Action” type group. Not orthodox IMHO.


Let me (gasp!) recommend a different Catholic website: Catholic Culture that has a database of reviews of catholic websites that checks their fidelity. Here is the review for Voice of the Faithful: catholicculture.org/sites/site_view.cfm?recnum=1912

Some might object that Catholic Culture does not have the authority to rate other websites, and perhaps it is a reasonable point to bring up; however it does give examples to back up its ratings so the reader can decide. I’ve found it invaluable and unfortunatley a little distressing when my parish passes out material published by red-flagged organizations.

Note: The site requires a simple registration.



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