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I have family members that regularly read the
Voice of the Martyrs newsletter. Is is just me or does this group that claims to be non-denominational seem a bit Anti-Catholic?

I had a non-catholic friend show me the latest issue which had article written by the Director of VOM entitled “The Pact of Umar: Signing with Satan”. The pact dates from 7th century according to the article whereby Christians agreed not to evangelize, build new churchs or repair old ones, etc.

In this article, the writer makes the argument that over 90% of so-called christians in Muslim countires today follow this pact. He specifically mentions the Chaldeans, Coptics, and Assyrians - Histoical Catholic and Orthodox christianity.

The writer goes on to say that the “real christians” of North Africa had witnessing heroes like Augustine, who delivered powerful sermons. The early christians lived by “the Word” long before the N.T was canonized or Rome appointed its leaders.
The “intellectual leaders among the Catholics, Montanists, Donatists, and Arianists were consumed with debates. Mohammed simply took advantage of this spiritual chaos by robbing a religious train that had already fallen off the track…”

In another article on the persecution in the North African country of Eritrea (which is 47% Musilim-47% Christian), the article says:

“Ninety-five percent of the Christians are composed of groups that have agreed with the government not to evangelize.Their services are held in various ancient languages that their congregants cannot understand. As these christians cannot understand their leaders, and are unable to read the Bible, they represent no spiritual threat to the marxist government of Eritrea.”

I find all this a bit slanted for a group that represents itself as non-denominational… Is there any Catholic organizations that keep up with the ongioing Catholic missionary activities iand persecution n these regions?

The “Pact of Umar” is a historical agreement of Christians living in Muslim territories whereby they are “allowed” to be Christian providing they agree to a long list of conditions (or be persecuted or killed).

The opressive terms of this “pact” are still enforced upon some Christians today.

So what does this prove - that Catholics are persecuted in some countries? So what else is new???

I have also got a feeling that this organization is anti-Catholic. I have sensed this by reading the Voice of the Martyrs magazine, the founder’s “Tortured for Christ” book, and www.persecution.com. I really feel that this organization means well, but I can no longer support it unfortunately. I am happy to see the other post and know that I am not crazy.:slight_smile:

From www.persecution.com, the secution ‘Persecuted Nations’ has a map where Christians are persecuted. The following is from the description of one of the states in Mexico:

“Persecution in Chiapas comes from traditionalist Catholics who resent any threat to their control in the state.”

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The fact is, “Non-Denominational” often means Evangelical Protestant and Evangelical Protestants are often anti-Catholic.

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