Voices and thoughts ( ocd )

Things are bad at the moment with my mental health
voices and thoughts blasphemous thoughts
Bad things i cant even talk about here
The voices are bad as it is and the thoughts and images in my mind
makes me sick to my stomach

My psych is lowering my medication to come off one anti psychotics and remain on another one ( they both do the same thing ) this is going to make the voices worse and the thoughts
Am ill at the moment with them and i dont want to think how id be without them
My husband isnt Catholic or even Christian he dont understand why the thoughts are upsetting me so much my husband dont believe in anything
My psych says ill be better off on one anti psychotics instead of two
But i feel i will be worse
I also am getting therapy for my OCD but av been waiting since jun for it

I cant do this anymore the voices are telling me i must die and i feel so bad right now that i feel like killing myself
but i know that will upset my family so am hold on by a thread

Some of the voices are good ones they give me comfort but the bad ones are just dragging me down
i feel am nearly at the last straw

Pray the Rosary.

Praying for you. You know that God does not want you to die.

Even though it is probably the last thing you feel like doing right now, go for a walk. Walk and pray, pray and walk. Walk fast, walk slow. It doesn’t matter. Change your surroundings and get fresh air. If it’s raining, then go to a mall or store and just walk around there. When you return from walking, do this activity. Pick something either inside or outside your home and take a [FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]moment to pretend that you’re talking to a friend on the phone. That friend cannot see the thing you’re gazing upon. But you want your friend to “see it”. Describe this object in pain staking detail until you feel you have adequately placed a picture in the mind of your friend. If you want, you could actually call a friend and do this exercise with them. It really helps anxiety. <3

I know what it feels like to consider suicide. Now when I have those bouts I try to remember what it feels like when the feeling passes. Remember, it is JUST a feeling and it WILL pass. Whether it’s actual voices in your head or just thoughts, it’s all the same. A feeling. Try to think of the last time the feeling passed and how grateful you were that you decided to stay around a while longer. Life won’t last forever, one day you will die and you’ll probably be wishing you had a little more time to stay. [/FONT]:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, please pray the Rosary, and faithfully. Ask our Lady to help you and pray a lot to her. God bless you.

P.S. You’ll be included in my daily Rosaries.

Praying for you. The voices are not your fault. Not a sin. If you are feeling suicidak, call your doctor or a suicide hotline. Let the doctor know how you are and if you need your
medication adjusted . God bless you.

thank you all for your kind words and prayers
I have an eating disorder as well as the mental health stuff
Keep having fights with my husband over weather am eating or not wanted to fast today but my husband isnt happy so am eating up to 500 calories i cant eat anything over that
i feel too fat to

Voices aren’t as bad as they where last night but sometimes they do that be quiet for a period of time then be bad at night
Thank you again

This is good advice! Obsessions, is spending too much time with thinking, good thoughts and bad ones. It could be influenced by your previous experience as a child, or even later in life. It can come from loneliness, insecurity, mal-treatments and the such. You need healthy distraction, get away from being self -centered. focus on others, if you can do something nice for others. Most of all ask Jesus to come into your life and heal you. Enjoy His creation, the sky, the birds, the children, and other people. Compulsion can come from jumping to false conclusions, over reacting to a situation regarded as a threat. Try to eat well, don’t give up. Make your self tired by exercising, and working in order to sleep well. Resist the urge to sleep just when you are tired during the day, save it for night. Introduce humor into your life. Do something fun and maybe even silly. Use weights in you exercise to make you toned, and tired. Follow a healthy schedule. You can really help yourself this way. Project outward, not inward, give it time, but be consistent. Always turn to Jesus in your trials, time passes, and things change all the time, that’s life. In Christ there is always hope, so forget suicide, thats from the Devil, and those dark thoughts are from him also. Ask Jesus to protect you, and compassionate and strengthen you in your trials, and expect Him to bring love, and even joy in your life. Give your life to Him, and experience His love, and healing. God b;ess you, and keep you. Don’t guide your self, let Him guide you. You may even eventually come off your meds completely, there is hope with Jesus.

You have a heavy cross to bear at the moment. I doubt that you have the will or energy to do a lot of things, and that’s to be expected. Thank God for the good voices!

Mathews 16:24 "Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”

I strongly feel that my mental illnesses are my cross that I must willingly carry. The cross will eventually result in good things. Deny the ‘self’ and pay close attention to your conscience. The answers will likely come from within. Turn to God for help, and not people (having a psychiatrist is good, and can provide helpful medications, but be leery of their personal therapeutic advice).

LOVE! :slight_smile:

Psychiatrist usually medicate they won’t say anything advisetory about faith. they may say something about cognitive behavior therapy. When it comes to the psyche (meaning soul in Greek) there is only one place I know that one can receive healing of the soul, and that is Jesus Christ. He is real, He is called “The Wounded Healer” Cast your burdens upon Him. St. Francis DeSales states that He will remove the burden or give you the strength to bear it. St. Paul says the same thing. When there seems to be no hope and life’s crosses seem to heavy , even Jesus had a Simon to help Him, God made you and He is your hope and salvation, believe this, if you can’t, ask Jesus to help your unbelief. We are praying for you.

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