Volcker Warns: We Are Running Out Of Time


Here’s another:


All of his speeches are on youtube.

Thanks for this.

Sheash, if you passed Economics 101 you should be able to understand that you can’t run on debt forever. The fact that the general public (with all those BSc and BA floating around) hasn’t gotten this yet is a tad scary.

Huh? The general public is highly concerned about the US debt, just check any of the Polls. At any rate, it generally isn’t the folks with college degrees that are on the government dole, unemployment aside; the folks who want more government and the accompanying increases in debt are those with the most “entitlements” as if anyone is entitled to a free ride.

“Hope and Change” and “Fundamentally Transforming our Country” is taking shape and coming to be.

Ah, yes. Well. Just what the majority of the voters wanted.

Hang on-here it comes.

God Bless.
+Jesus, I Trust In You!
Love, Dawn

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