Volunteer Daily?


since my divorce i have a lot of time on my hands… is there any place where i can volunteer daily or many times during the week?

any suggestions?


Nursing homes - read to residents, or write letters for them

Hospitals - “cuddlers” hold babies (need preparation & clearance for that one)

Animal Shelters - walk dogs & pet cats

Homes for disabled people - help feed (again, need prep)

Your own parish - just call

soup kitchens

St. Vincent de Paul resale shops

Need more ideas? Let me know!


As long as you’re offering… :slight_smile:

Do you have volunteer ideas for those of us whose free time tends to come very late at night? I’m always wondering what we can do to help, once all the usual places (nursing homes, animal shelters, soup kitchens, etc.) are closed up for the night.

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Many organizations need help with fund raising, letter writing and stuffing envelopes and such, that can be done at night.


I never even thought of that! :slight_smile:

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Miriam, try this website: volunteermatch.org/ Also, definitely ask your parish if they need any help. They may need someone to lead the Rosary, or provide childcare during meetings and masses.


Daily Mass–Pray for your community and parish :slight_smile:


how do you know of these?? any ideas?


I’d start with an internet search maybe through Google, just type in your town’s name, and “shelters” or something like that.
Then contact the organization directly. Give them a call or send an e-mail.

Also, for after hours volunteer opportunities, many times hotlines need people to man the phones for suicide prevention, battered women, or addiction intervention. There may be a pregnancy hotline as well. These hotlines ordinarily forward calls to your home phone for a predetermined number of hours on specific days of the week. You just have to be 100% positive you will be there to answer the phone when you’re needed.


First, if there is a Perpetual Adoration Chapel near you, call the organizer and volunteer to be a fill-in/on call adorer.

Call the DRE at your Parish, the Parish office and the Youth Minister. If you lived in our town, those three groups could keep you going 24/7 :slight_smile:

Your local crisis pregnancy center and the domestic violence shelters - then the local Humane Society.

Catholic Charities and hospitals/nursing homes… the list is endless!


Other people already gave some good ideas - here’s some more ideas:

Homeless shelter late night shift (maybe not a good idea for female)

Write newsletter for an organization

Late night adoration

I don’t know how late you’re talking, but I sometimes didn’t get done at the animal shelter until 10 or 11 pm. There’s work to do after the doors close to the public. Same with many other places, too.


Generally, free time for me starts at 11:00 PM or later :slight_smile: I do have a weekly, scheduled adoration hour – it’s tonight, or technically, tomorrow (2:00 AM).

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Yea, my house. I need help cooking and cleaning and kids need help with homework. You’ve always wanted to come to Iowa, haven’t you?:smiley: :wink:


sure why not… always wanted to see another state…

i envy you!!!


Ok, just call me when you get into town, and I’ll direct you to my house. You may faint when you walk into the house and see how messy it is!


She may faint if she reads your sig file, and sees how many critters she’ll have to care for. :smiley:

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oh wow… i just did and dont know if i will be able to make it out there after all!!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll make you a deal. You take care of the house and the kids, I’ll take care of the animals. Believe me, I’ve got the easier job!:smiley:


i do believe that part!!!


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