Volunteering Finances and College Debt

Hi everyone,

I am tentatively exploring volunteering options and I have a question that is really sticking in my head right now about finances. I am concerned about occurring interest over the one to two year commitment, and am concerned about the ethics of fund raising for my keep in certain programs, and using some of that for college payments. Do college debt payments generally count a bonefide living expenses?

I am still quite ways away from actually committing to any program, but would like some general guidance. Feel free to give specifics for any particular program you are familiar with, or any program that you’ve actually been involved with.

Thanks so much!

Hey runningdude, hello. When I was looking for volunteer positions I saw one that mentioned “student loan deferments”. Not sure if this is what you mean, but this was the Sister of the Holy Redeemer, Redeemer Ministry Corps. in PA. I thin I saw this on either the pallotticenter.org site or the vocation-network.org/opportunities site. You might want to google these-not certain I have them spelled correctly. There may have been some others which offered deferments also. Good luck and may God go with you in your ministry.

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