Volunteering to sit on a PTA Committee at son's school--what to expect?


I have done volunteer work at my kids’ schools in the past–but never ‘chaired’ a committee…the President sent me an email today asking to meet me at the ‘spring fling’ (a fundraiser) this weekend…and to give me an idea of the open committees that need a chairperson. She sent me a list, and the one that really caught my eye is “Safety and Health of Teens.” I would be excited to be involved with that–I already have a few ideas swirling in my mind, and I’m going to run them past her this weekend.

Have any of you been on your children’s PTA boards? Have you chaired a committee? If so–what should I expect? Can you give me some advice? Thanks!:slight_smile:


Hi I am active in my sons school and the PTA (we call it PTO). I have been President, Vice and Secretary over the years. I have also chaired commitees for school as well as the non-profit I work for. I think there is no generic answer to your question about what to expect, all group dynamics are different as the people in the groups are all different. Expect to work hard, expect that there are those who “do” and those who “don’t”. Many times it is the same people on alot of the committes, PTA etc…because they are the ones who volunteer their time. There will be some who will do all they can to help you and some who will do as little as they can get away with.Not everyone has time to volunteer, some do have the time but don’t and there are those who hardly have a minute to spare but will help you in other ways…:thumbsup: printing, making copies, emailing etc…accept any help in you can get. I think if you realize that the work load is not evenly distributed on many of these endeavors you’ll be fine.

Before you jump in this weekend with all the great ideas you have to share I would let her know you are interested in the teen Health commitee and ask what kind of work/events etc… the committee has done before . Your new ideas may not be so fresh after all and may have been done to death , unless of course this is a new committee. Usually a commitee that is already established has a goal…what exactly is the goal for this committee in regards to teen health/safety? That would be good to know. I would wait to share your ideas until you have that information and then I would likely wait to share my ideas with my actual commitee members as opposed with the person recruiting volunteers. kudos to you for volunteering.:thumbsup:


Thank you so much! It is a new school…this year it just opened in our area, to offset the overcrowding issues in Florida. It is a great school thus far…there are some issues they could do a better job on, but overall–my dh and I have been happy with the teaching staff, etc…That being said, probably these ideas would be fresh, considering it’s a new school…but, I agree, I’ll ask her first what is involved. I work fulltime, and would like to also get involved with the youth group at church with my dd…so, I have to be careful not to spread myself too thin. I will let you know what I find out:)


I’m active in my PTO, and I find that the committee chairs work harder than everybody else, at least during the time that your event occurs. I also know that it can be very fun and rewarding. Have fun!


I have always enjoyed PTO work and found I liked most people. I have a friend who lives in a different town and sais her PTO is a nightmare of competition. So I suppose it depends where you live. It looks though like most are positive expieriences.


I have also served in VP positions for two years on our elementary PTA. Prepare thyself for lots o’ politics and personalities. Best approach is to listen twice as much as you speak. And remember you are ALL volunteers. If someone misses a step or does it differently than you might prefer, cut them a little slack–no one’s getting a paycheck or any glory and it is all too often a thankless job. New ideas are not always embraced as great as you think they might be. Always be as prepared and organized as possible. It builds credibility. Good luck!


Thank you all for your good advice…! I will keep you posted!!:slight_smile:


and now you are on the radar as a ready, willing and able volunteer, which means you will be called on for every event from now on, and eventually end up PTA president. Congratulations.

Expect to work hard, with or without thanks, to see the appreciation go to those who actually do the least, but you will have the most invaluable gift of knowing what actually goes on at your child’s school, the next best thing to homeschooling.



experience is the best teacher as they say
I am all for getting involved in your kids’ lives in ways like this that can really have meaning and impact for other kids as well as your own, and I salute you (club soda, not champers, that’s all I have).


:wink: salute to you, my CAF friend.

Yes, I also want to be a voice that is heard (hopefully) as the PTA usually hears of initiatives, etc that are being rolled out, before a notice is sent home. I’d like to be more in the know…seeing this is a new school, I think this PTA can make some positive strides in helping to shape it. I didn’t end up seeing the committee women today, as I couldn’t make it there…but I plan on attending one of their meetings this Wed…wish me luck.:o


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