Volunteers go door-to-door ‘ballot harvesting’ in Colorado



Volunteers going door-to-door, collecting ballots amid all-mail voting

DENVER — It’s harvest time in Colorado, and not just for pumpkins. Concerns are running high over door-to-door campaign workers asking voters for their mail-in ballots in what is known as “ballot harvesting.”

Now that all-mail voting is the law of the land in Colorado, the challenge for campaigns is to persuade voters to drop off or mail in their ballots — or hand them to the foot soldiers who turn up on their doorsteps offering to do it for them.

While it’s legal to give your ballot to someone else — one person may turn in up to 10 ballots — election watchers worry that the practice is ripe for abuse. >>

Mark Udall Advocates Condone Voter Fraud: “That’s not even like lying or stealing”



Let’s wait until there’s actual proof of voter fraud before we panic.


Oh…there is voter fraud,be sure of it!:eek:


And how will we get that proof of voter fraud?


I admit it is strange to give a ballot to someone else to deliver. There is lots of room for “lost” ballots. On the hand I think you may be worried that more Democrats will collect ballots than Republicans.


Can you post your reasoning please? Or do you limit yourself to one post in every thread you participate in?


And, how is this so worrisome?

There are ways to detect voter fraud, and there are ways to collect evidence. A blithering bifurcating obfuscation by a talking head on Fox news doesn’t really qualify as evidence.

How about we wait and see if there is actually anything unseemly going on?


I’m curious how anyone would know if their ballot made it to where it’s supposed to go. If you have sign in your yard for X candidate, how do you know that the person taking your ballot isn’t for Y candidate and just trash cans yours so that it won’t be counted.

And can you really trust those mail men/women? Your ballot could end up buried in their back yard or sitting in boxes in their basement. :wink:


Hi Dawnia,

You would hear about it, if it didn’t make it in to its destination.

I vote by absentee ballot. There have been a few instances in all of the times when I have voted, when I have been ill and have actually forgotten to turn in my ballot, by mistake. It was an honest oversight.

When that has happened, I have received a letter about it, telling me that I have to vote in the next election, or I would forfeit my opportunity to stay on the list of absentee voters.


If you read the article in the OP, the state of Colorado has created a website where you can verify that your mail-in ballot was received.


I have no vested interest in the outcome of an election in Colorado, but seems to me there’s massive scope for potential abuse - and more to the point, massive scope for anyone dissatisfied with the election result to claim there is abuse and then whine about democracy not going their way for ages.

Either way, not sure I like this idea. Not being from CO, or even the United States - could some please explain the logic of all-mail (and presumably only-mail?) voting? We’ve had postal voting in the UK 10-15 years and it generally works well (there’s always ONE story of some ner-do-well stuffing envelopes but genuine abuse I think is insignificantly small) - but I can’t imagine anyone seriously suggesting having that the only option.

Does no one else like going to a polling booth any more? I kind of have a thrill of feeling like I’m actually participating in democracy (so, my vote counts for very little and I live in a ‘safe’ constituency etc, but it still feels good and an important thing to do).


According to what I dug up on the internet (source: justvotecolorado.org), it is still possible to show up in person on voting day and vote. “All-Mail Voting” means that everyone receives a ballot in the mail so that they can mail it back in, if they want. You can choose to go to one of the ballot-box locations and stand in line forever to be shepherded into a booth by disorganized volunteers…

The “All-Mail Voting” option seems to be a push-back from liberals who saw certain conservative states enacting measures to make it harder for people who showed up to the polls to vote.

“You’re going to put our base through an extra-rigorous screening process? We counter with bypassing your screening process altogether.”


I even worry about my ballot when I drop it in the drop off box let alone handing it to a complete stranger! :eek:

Michelle Malkin is in a documentary about a lot of activities the democrats are doing right now leading up to the election.
I think it is called Rocky Mountain Heist. If they are successful in Colorado they will go to different states.


Wait, please source your criticism of Fox News and where they stated this evidence. ** Or if you can’t do it, let’s note that. **

Fox news isn’t even the source of this. Have you read the thread? This certainly seems uncharitable so I await for your backup.


Look at that, 2 countries with Voter Registration, South Africa and India.

I didn’t realize Nelson Mandela wanted to suppress votes.


Also, if someone calls you and asks you if you are going to vote ALWAYS SAY YES. I have seen where they call and if people say they aren’t going to vote they go vote for you when they don’t need photo proof. Easy enough to do.

I sure hope our voting rights are not taken away from us.


Indeed, and I went ahead and checked. The state of Colorado shows they received my ballot on October 20th (I mailed it on October 17th.)


You can still go in and vote in person if you wish–receiving the mail-in ballot doesn’t oblige you to vote using that method. The idea is to encourage people to vote. I know a number of people who appreciate this: An old boyfriend of mine, who is frequently on call. The assisted living center down the street from me (I can only imagine the manpower/effort required to get numerous people in various states of physical health organized and to a voting center, vs dropping off their mail for them). Various emergency workers. Shift workers. When I was a contractor, I preferred mail-in (being a contractor, I could take off time whenever I wanted, but I didn’t get paid for it–five minutes to go to a maibox and drop off my ballot vs. two hours on average waiting in line was a relief.) My current boss likes it, since election day is on a work day–here, our polling places are determined by where we live, and she lives 45 minutes away from work, and has to take the busiest route to get to and from there. So not having to re-work her day so she can either vote before work or after work takes a lot off her mind.

I can see potential for abuses, but I think that would be true of any voting system used, to be honest (the infamous ‘hanging chads’ of the 2000 U.S. Presidential election, for example.)


The point of the article is that it seems “unseemly” that someone is going door-to-door to collect the ballots.

I remember during the last election there were videos of people doing odd things: going in to vote under a different name (he left before actually voting but they were going to let him), and students telling someone they had already voted back home and being assured that voting again at their school was acceptable.

We had voter intimidation at a site in Pennsylvania…

When Gore was running, he had the voting site opening for a church-ful of people who were bussed directly from the church to the polling site in defiance of the law there.

I myself registered to vote with no id many years ago, and more recently, went in to register to vote and was encouraged at that very time to go ahead and vote–no checking necessary. I probably could have gone around the state and done that a dozen times!

So, unseemly things *are *going on, and no one is doing anything about it.



I just checked and Iowa has the same ability. Just confimed that my ballot was received. Good thing too, since I voted in person.

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