Voodoo curse upon me!


Hello and God Bless. Let me introduce myself. I am Ayida and I am a married mother of two (a girl and a boy). I’m 27 years old. So seven years ago I started being friends with a man, let’s call him Paul. He is from Poland. Since the beginning we liked each other (as friends) and he would help me a lot in my life. I was very weak with money at the time and I wasn’t really a believer, so I would just come around to his house and talk to him about my problems like all friends do. But what I saw there concerned me. There were many statues at his house that represented humans with “weird” attributes. On the notes that were on those desks below the statues themselves it would say “lwawas” and “oririsas” and “mpungas” (I probably got it wrong but something in that kind). So, ever since I started telling him my problems they would disappear one by one. I found a good paying job at 21, I had no problems whatsoever, I even found the person I love at 22 and we married two years ago. Both at 25. But at the time I was so busy with my love life and success that I wouldn’t spend time with Paul. He got mad about it and we argued and parted ways. It was a year ago. Ever since then my life is in SHAMBLES!!! The first day after our argument my mum had a heart attack (thanks to God she survived), I’ve had nightmares almost every single night! About demons and evil souls. During the year I lost my job but thanks to my husband we didn’t end up homeless with two of our kids. I thought it was over but my kids got so sick one day. I couldn’t tell what was it but they were screaming.Literally screaming their voices out as if something’s was hurting them but they had no temperature, not anything (as the doctor’s said). My family’s life is also the WORST now. I tried contacting Paul but he won’t answer. I am afraid this Voodoo curse will destroy my life. What should I do???!!




I will go and do that tomorrow.It’s just that I am so afraid about my life now.Paul could do so many good things in my life and now whatever he’s doing…it’s destroying it. My health also got worse!!!


Have Faith. Paul can do nothing without God’s permission. You need to be blessed, have your home blessed as well as your husband and children. PRAY UNCEASINGLY! Especially get you a St. Benedict Medal & keep it on you always and say the prayer often and bless yourself with Holy Water often.


Thank you.I will do that as quickly as possible.Does belief in Voodoo make it stronger for me?? It seems like powerful yet spiteful magic.I hope whatever he sent down on me will go away soon.


You should NOT believe or give any credence to voodoo. It is of satan and it can only be done if we allow it to be. God is stronger than satan and Blessed Mother Mary crushed satan so you KNOW She will help you through this.


Okay thank you.Satan is literally destroying my life right now but I hope I will see light soon.Thank you very much.


Paul never gave you anything did he? If he did, burn it.

You should have your house blessed by a Catholic Priest.


Are you sure? I haven’t known many people from Poland who practice vooodooo.


If you know any strong Catholics -
See if they have Holy oil - Holy water -
Benedict medal - blessed -
Holy salt - personal prayer -
Don’t - tell your kids !
Your going to have to do spiritual warfare -

See a Priest - for sure !


@Cruciferi, he did give me a bag with herbs.Should I burn it?

@TheOldColonel, yes I am 100% sure he is Polish and a voodoo practictioner. I think he’s hiding with it because Poland is a Catholic country

Seagull, thank you so much.I will check.

Also a question to all - should I never contact Paul again?I was thinking of asking him to remove the curse


You seem to have a strong faith in the power of voodoo.


It’s not faith. It’s fear.Whatever is happening to me right now is his evil work.It’s hard to not believe in something working when it’s destroying your life.Maybe I’m wrong.I need to see a priest.


NO don’t speak to him. This could easily go very wrong for you. Let God handle all of this and do what the Priest tells you when you speak to him.


he cant do a thing to you or your family. The devil was defeated by the precious blood of Christ at His Passion.

Pope Francis tells us not to dialogue with the devil. Stay close to God in Mass and the Sacraments. Go to confession.

You are attributing all good and bad in you life to this human and his activities. All power is with God.

Block and ignore this person. Get on with your life with your wonderful family. Pray the rosary and the St Michael prayer


Paul can do nothing to you. Go to confession and daily mass if possible


all it means is you believe the devil exists. And now renounce the devil.

Thats all. No biggie.
Everyone needs to believe the devil exists.

Worship God


Satan can only destroy if you allow it. You have the power to NOT allow it. Just say NO to satan and YES to God


Are you practicing your Faith, regularly receiving the Sacraments, going to Confession? If not, start tomorrow.


You don’t have a curse on you. Bad things happen to good people. Stop blaming your problems on voodoo and Paul and start placing all of your faith in God.

If you feel so uneasy, speak to a priest and ask him to bless you and your house and all who dwell within.

Say your prayers day and night and be at peace knowing that God is in control.

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