Vote Catholic


Yes, please everyone, do vote Catholic.
No more excuses.

We have to employ our Christian conscience in voting. Christ came to earth for a reason. Christ is not just another ethical idea. He is the incarnated embodiment of a just society.
He lived in a time and a place, and had an effect on the culture and politics of his time. He instituted a real thing, a Church, to leaven society with his values. That’s us. He is resurrected, and so his leaven is still among us.

If we think we are above that, perhaps we don’t know who Christ is.

Amen! And because I intend on voting Catholic, this is precisely why I will not be voting for Trump.

I also cannot vote for Trump.
Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions.” - Primo Levi


That’s odd because I will proudly vote for him. Does that make you more informed or holy than I!?

I have no idea what voting Catholic even means.

It means…you know…vote like a Catholic would vote. . . .

To me, that’s like saying ‘Amen! And because I am Catholic, this is precisely why I will not support the Allies against Nazi Germany’

Were all the Allies guiltless? no, and we should oppose some of the crimes even the allies committed while fighting Nazi Germany, but I sure know which side I would have backed and who I would have wanted to win.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading

Catholics Must always vote for Life - ESPECIALLY the life of the preborn!!! Our Lord who died for all must poor our tears of compassion for those He created being destroyed within the wombs of their mothers- place those innocent souls would hope to be The safest :pensive: Please , please dear Catholics- you MUST stand up for the lives of the unborn in this election!!! To do otherwise makes you an accomplice in this crime of these innocent souls and you will stand before our Lord to answer because your decision is CLEAR . You canNOT vote for Hillary at all---- I warn you- please don’t!!!
All other issues pale to this one for the future. Not to mention that Hillary will be instrumental in seeing that your religious liberties will be violated!!! Seriously!!! You only have to hear how she views serious Catholics to know she thinks you need to change your religious views and that LAWS need to enforce prohibiting your religious views. What will happen if she were to be president is that we will very soon experience religious persecution as we have never seen before! Pray the rosary!!!
My love in Him,

Perhaps. Or does your voting for him make you so?

What an extremely judgmental, uncharitable, hateful thing to say…adding God Bless You doesn’t make it acceptable.

I don’t see how any Catholic could vote for Hillary Clinton a/c she’s pro-choice and Catholics should strongly be pro-life – I feel very strongly about this issue a/c I have 3 adopted childre in my family and if their mothers had gone to Planned Parenthood those children would no tbe part of my family.

Although from 2012, Listen to this by Fr.Bill Casey. The HHS mandate alone should help to inform your vote. Abortion and Same sex marriage as well.

Abortion - Trump was Pro Choice his whole life including late term abortion until he decided to run for President in the Republican Party. It’s a trend don’t forget Romney and Julianni both pro choice then pro life when convenient for Catholic Votes. Now are we to believe a man who broke his Wedding Vows to God not once but twice. A man who mocks a handicapp person and never apologized to anyone for anything. A man who is endorsed by almost every hate group in the country. A man who doesn’t believe John McCain is a war hero because he was captured that’s insanity and we are supposed to trust him with the Nuclear Codes ? I could go on and on but that’s why a Catholic could vote for HC in THIS ELECTION. I would agree with you if decent men like John Kasich or Rubio were the Nominees. I understand the Abortion issue is very important to you and I respect your opinion.

Take a deep breath.
No one mentioned a specific candidate until you.
Can you tell us how to employ Catholic voting principles?

You can be a good faithful Catholic and vote for trump or not vote for trump.

I’m not sure I could say the same thing about the other major candidate…

Do you believe a faithful Catholic informed Catholic can vote for trump and another faithful informed Catholic can not vote for trump? I do.

Judgmental, uncharitable, hateful? I don’t understand how you got those attributes out of it.

It was not meant to be judgmental, uncharitable or hateful, please legitimately consider my analogy, without taking it personally, even if you took it personally, it was certainly a legitimate argument for one to say they did not want to support the Allies against Nazi Germany because they didn’t agree with some of what the Allies did (Especially Soviet Russia), I’m sure some people even used that argument at the time too, the problem I believe is that they were not considering Nazi Germany and not seeing the need to work with and try to make the best of what they have been given.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading

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