Vote for the lesser evil?

There are two candidates

  • both have major character flaws and hold positions contrary to my Catholic faith
  • the charactor flaws and positions are not identical between the candidates
  • it is all but certain that one of them will be elected
  • after discernment, I determine that one candidate would be worse than the other, but even the less worse one would be likely to do something that would violate my Catholic beliefs
    (only as an example: the worse candidate would be indirectly responsible for 1000 abortions, while the other candidate would be indirectly responsible for 500 abortions - and all other issues between the candidates are different but more or less discerned as equal)
    Question: Can I, in good conscience vote for the candidate who would be responsible for 500 abortions?

Dear friend,

Yes! To not vote at all would be a vote for the one who would be the greater evil.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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