Vote for the Pope

Let’s at least get him above Obama!,28804,1883644_1883653_1884490,00.html

PRO: His six-day U.S. visit last spring drew large crowds and re-energized the Catholic Church. Attempted to heal his strained relationship with the Islamic community, holding a Catholic-Muslim seminar at the Vatican.

CON: He recently reinstated (and then re-excommunicated) a Holocaust-denying bishop, a p.r. fiasco that outraged Jewish leaders and raised questions about Benedict’s leadership.

Yeah, thanks Times for being predictably liberal :rolleyes:

Yes, well, I don’t want to dissuade anyone from voting for the Pope, but such online polls do seem to be a waste of time, since they really don’t measure anything except the ability to mobilize partisans online.

I voted for moot, just for the virtue of him being on the list. ATTENTION MODS: I am not a /b/tard, don’t ban me.

I voted for him. The Times is liberal due to Masonic influence in the media

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