Vote! (online poll)

ABC Radio has a poll asking if His Holiness should be arrested & charged w/ crimes against humanity:

So far it’s 3:1 against il Papa, let’s change it.

The results of the poll are bleak, but from such a secular and anti Catholic site I would not expect anything else.
I will keep the Holy Father in my prayers that this scrutiny will end and we can move forward as a much stronger, safer church.

Forgive them for they know not what they do.


What’s happening with these people?


Why bother? It’s not a scientific poll, and so is just the tenor of the people who bothered to vote and their mates they were able to rope into it.

I’d like to hear what a legitimate poll, like Gallup or Rassmussen or Opinion Dynamics has to say.

Currently, the vote is:

Yes 73.5%
No 26.5%

with 9684 votes counted

I think this either says something about the people who visit Australia’s ABC News Radio website, or else some serious traffic is being directed to this site from other websites (blogs, forums, etc) … much like we are trying to do. :o

Hey! That’s no way to win this war. :stuck_out_tongue:

But what you say is very sensible. Online polls have no validity.

The usual anti-Catholics that know 0 about our faith but are the first to jump on board the anti-catholic train…
It never fails to amaze me how non Catholics think they have all the answers for us Catholics and are the first with their uninformed opinions.
Ignore them.

ABC radio is hardly “anti Catholic”. It is just reflecting what a large amount of people are feeling. And 9684 is not a high number of people really. Considering its government radio that goes country wide. But it can be seen as bias towards the left side of politics.

We should always keep the Pope (Christ Vicar on Earth) in our prayers

It`s anti-Catholic, all right. What Dale said about the type that visits its website is true.

The way that organisation supported the renegade priest (Fr. Peter Kennedy) in Brisbane not so long ago shows what its like; its more than just the political Left. For years, this countrys most notorious dissident priest: Fr. Paul Collins, was its religious affairs “expert”. He eventually “defrocked” himself.

I listen to abc radio all the time. I don’t hear any anti catholic stuff. Sure you get some leftie nut jobs who like to go on rants. But its a governemnt radio. Where everyone gets a say.

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