Vote upheld, B.C. Law Society won't recognize Christian university grads


VANCOUVER – The governing council of the Law Society of British Columbia has voted to uphold the results of a member referendum, and reject accreditation for graduates of a Christian law school.

The vote reverses an earlier decision by the society to recognize law graduates of Trinity Western University.

Students and staff at the school in Langley, south of Vancouver, must sign a covenant that prohibits them from engaging in sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman.


So the university isn’t being accredited due to something other than it’s ability to produce competent lawyers and meet the educational standards of the profession. That’s just plain stupid.


It is stupid. If this accreditation has any legal bearing, then it goes beyond stupid to being intolerant persecution of Christians, putting them in company with many totalitarian states who have gone before. Otherwise, such a move is just something that any club can do if they want, many of which do stupid things.


“Students and staff at the school in Langley, south of Vancouver, must sign a covenant that prohibits them from engaging in sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman.” I’m just wondering why it makes any difference to the B.C. Law Society what kind of covenant students sign. So they agree to not engage in sexual immorality. Big deal. Would there also be an objection if the students signed a covenant promising to engage in as much sexual immorality as possible in their spare time?


Because the devil needs attorneys. Moral attorneys hurts the plan. The devils wants atheist and immoral attorneys to continue his evil changes to society.


Gotta say, as a lawyer, I find this a bit offensive.

Seems to imply certain things about lawyers.:frowning:

Doing a bit or research, it seems the reason for the rejection of the accredidation is not the covenant to not engage in sex, but the requriement that only “heterosexual” sex be permitted ever. The “benchers” as they are called in Canada (those who vote) decided this is an anti-gay discriminatory requirement which violates Canadian law.

Just sayin


Apparently the Law Society has an anti-discrimination policy, and the school’s covenant contradicts that policy. The Law Society has a right to set its own policies, just as the school has a right to set its own covenant.

Opponents of the law school argue that this [the covenant] is a form of discrimination that contradicts the principles of the Law Society of B.C.




While not a lawyer, I work for a major law firm. I’m not implying that all lawyer are evil. They are not. I personally know a few good Catholic Lawyers, who go to confession during lunch, etc. Most lawyers I know are morally straight, but I know some who are not.

However, I am implying that law is one of the main professions activists use to push forth their agenda.

I’m reminded of the line in the movie “The Devil’s Advocate” where the devil says lawyers are the new priesthood. In the old days, the devil was focused on infiltrating the priesthood. Today, I would argue that the movie is correct, the Devil is focused on infiltrating law. Most politicians, lobbyists, political consultants, etc. plus all judges are lawyers. Lawyers are some of the most (if not the most) powerful people in government.

That’s what I’m trying to imply. It was not my intent to insult lawyers on here, especially a lawyer who is a Deacon. :slight_smile:

BTW - thank you for your service to the Church and the example that you set for our young.


How does signing a personal pledge against fornication contradict public law?


The problem is that they are fighting what they call “discrimination” with religious discrimination.

A religious school should be allowed to set rules for admission based on their faith. If the Law Society doesn’t want to recognize them due to academic reasons, then that’s fair.

For example, there is talk surrounding Liberty University and how they only teach creationism and claim that dinosaurs died out 5000 years ago in biology class. If an academic organization didn’t want to accredited their biology degrees because it doesn’t focus on science, that could be valid. But it would be wrong to not accredit their law school because they are Baptists who believe in creationism and deny the divine evolution.


It includes “homosexual acts” which the benchers believe is discriminatory. The failure to accredit is not about “fornication” from their perspective, its is anti-gay.


Canadian Law Society Rejects Christian School Over Biblical Homosexuality Stance

“The Trinity Western law school’s accreditation has become a controversial issue among members of many law societies in Canada because of the “discriminatory” nature of the school’s student covenant. Students upon enrollment must sign an agreement, which among other things, bans sexual activity that “violates the sacredness of a marriage between a man and a woman.” If a homosexual student at the school was recognized as married by Canadian law, he or she would not be allowed to have sexual relations with his/her spouse while enrolled at the school.”



Fair enough and thank you for the clarification.

. . . and no thanks are necessary.


And a Law Society should be able to set its rules in accordance with the law. Anti-gay discrimination is illegal in Canada. The Law Society is setting its criteria in accordance with Canadian law, just as the college is setting its criteria in accordance with Catholic law.

Catholic law and Canadian law disagree on this point.



The Law Society gets to set its own policies, but these politics don’t decide who gets to fully participate in society and who doesn’t simply based on this person’s religion.

I hope this school takes it to the supreme court, these secularist bigots need to learn a lesson like they did back in 2001 over this school.

Of course it wouldn’t surprise me if the supreme court ruled against the school, but at least we’d know where we stand against the secularist state and its inevitable reversion to the policies of 20th century secularist states like the Soviet Union and Communist China.


This isn’t anti-gay discrimination, and this isn’t illegal, we just have secularist bigots like you who think they can bully Christians into renouncing their religion. Hopefully the school doesn’t stand for this and takes it to the supreme court.

This has happened before when it came to this school’s teacher’s college, and luckily back then the secularist bigots lost. Of course that was before gay “marriage” was made into the law of the land, but even that bill guarantees the right of people to disagree over what constitutes marriage.

For that case:


Also, the article does not give enough information to tell if there are other reasons for the decision. I have some familiarity with so-called Christian law schools in the US, and some of them have a relatively poor academic reputation. I suspect that may be in part because they sometimes focus on what they want the law to be more than what it is.


Like, they want to jump from lawyer all the way to federal judge?


This does not provide actual academic scoring, but here is some insight from polling:

Trinity Western is the only university in Canada to score an A+ for Quality of Teaching and Learning in The Globe and Mail 2012 Canadian University Report. This year, The Globe and Mail added the category of Quality of Teaching and Learning to the report, as well as discontinuing the category Quality of Education, in which TWU had scored an A+ for the past five years. As well as in Quality of Teaching and Learning, TWU also scored higher than any university in Canada for Career Preparation.

“Universities should be a place where students come first,” says TWU President Jonathan S. Raymond, Ph.D. “TWU has high expectations for student experience and ensuring students are prepared for life after a degree. This is why we continually rate so well with our students in surveys like this.”

TWU again earned more A-range grades than any other post-secondary institution in British Columbia, ranking it higher than UBC, SFU, KPU, and UFV.

The Canadian University Report also enquired about ‘campus personality’ and published the overall top ten results with no categories for large or small schools. According to the survey, when asked if TWU were academically nurturing or supportive, students ranked TWU second in Canada.

In addition to the top rankings, students gave Trinity Western University the highest rating, an A+, in other principal categories: Out-of-Class Communication between Students and Instructors, Class Size, Student-Faculty Interaction, Campus Atmosphere, Academic Reputation of Faculty Members, Sense of Community on Campus, and Sense of Personal Safety and Security.

TWU professors are committed to teaching and applied research. With an average class size of 25, students have access to one-on-one personal interaction – even in first-year classes where many students at larger schools get lost in the crowd.

Other categories TWU excelled in, rating from an A to an A-, were Most Satisfied Students, Instructors’ Teaching Style, Academic Counselling, Research Opportunities, Course Registration, Recreation and Athletics, Libraries, Technology, Reputation with Employers, and Work-Play Balance.

The Globe and Mail annually polls more than 30,000 undergraduate students in Canada. You can read the full Canadian University Report online (scores begin on pg. 76).


The “reason” is clear. See my post #12 and the link therein.

You must mean those sub par academic Christian law schools like:

Notre Dame
Columbus School of Law (Catholic University)
University of San Diego
St. Johns


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