Voter turnout (15 words)

Almost 100 million people have already voted early. Just for comparision 136 million voted in total last presidential election (2016).

Has anyone voted? Noticed the long lines??

This is insane. At first I thought it was anti-Trumpism, but am not convinced that is it. My state, SC , had the largest Senate campaign ever, $200 million, which involved lots of advertising. I still dont’ think that is it. We are not a ‘swing’ state so it wasn’t like people thought their vote ‘mattered’.

My guess is the quarantine has people pent up and wanting to take action. Any thoughts?

I voted by absentee ballot. My state is a mostly red state, however we are becoming one of those destination states for the California escapees. They ruined what was a great state 40-50 years ago and now they want to come to my beautiful state and bring the same policies & practices here to ruin this one.

We used to have all the open space which is being filled with housing tracks with houses no one can afford. In one of the larger areas of my state there was a “tiny house” listed for sale, it was a converted garage with 2 very small bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen and living space. Very simple, nothing high end at all. They wanted $238,000 for it. But this is what our state is turning into.

So it is more important than ever for us to actually vote now, we must stay red, and we must vote for our Senators and Representatives as well as our state government officials.

When I voted (early) my wait was one hour. For other friends (that live in other districts) the waits were as long as 5 hours. Not that there is much information to be extracted from that, since some of the long waits involved connections to the state registration system going down.

I think there are strong feelings in many directions that motivate people to go to the polls.

I got up at 5:30 this morning, dressed, and went to go vote. When I got there, a line had already formed from the school, all the way back to the intersection traffic light. I stood in line for close to an hour and a half, just to get in and vote. When I came out, the line was just as long, and as I was driving away, I noticed that cars were now being parked on the sides of the main road by the polling place, and people were hiking over to the polling place to get in line.

I’m feeling that 2016 energy again. This election has been so polarized that even people who would normally have sat out an election feel a big push to vote. No matter who wins, I feel like it’s going to be a huge landslide.

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Not necessarily. Just depends on what the split is between Dems and repubs after the last 4 years. If the ratio is the same it’ll still be a close election. If a large amount have defected one way or the other then it will be a big win for someone.

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