Voters flock to Susan B. Anthony’s headstone on Election Day


Thousands of people made a pilgrimage to the gravesite of Susan B. Anthony on Election Day to put their “I Voted Today” sticker on her headstone.
This ritual is worth noting.


New York is home to the Women’s Rights National Historical Park


Additionally…this Catholic Diocese was up until recently over run by women who gave homilies. That went on for a few decades.

It helps to understand the history of a place.


Yes. And it helps even more when you actually live here.


So you must see and understand.

The natural beauty of the place is amazing but it barely competes with the liberal agenda here that actually parallels many parts of this nation.

The endless line to the grave of a dead suffragist on election night of possibly the first female president who supports abortion is troubling and worth noting.


More ironic is that susan b anthony and other women suffrages opposed abortion. They would be shocked at hilary’s support for killing unborn babies.


Rolling/spinning/turning in her grave:* If you say that a dead person would turn in their grave, you mean that they would be very angry or upset about something if they knew.*


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