Voting for the lesser of two evils


In this case a Catholic could licitly vote for either candidate.



I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but if there was a true pro-life democrat running against a pro-abortion republican, I could vote for the democrat.

Abortion is the #1 qualifier in my book. I don’t care what your other stances are if you are ok with killing children.

There is, of course, a hierarchy of other issues that come into play after that issue is addressed and those are almost all in favor of republicans. But ANYONE who advocates the genocide that we have today in the form of abortion won’t get my vote.





This is how you form your conscience in voting but it is personal and you can’t apply your cognitive process related to voting to others.



Third party not an option?



This is exactly what the Church teaches. you don’t have to vote for a pro-life candidate BUT you can not vote for a pro-abortion candidate if their opponent is more pro life than they are. Here’s how Cardinal Burke Explains it:

“No, You can never vote for someone who favors absolutely the right to choice of a woman to destroy a human life in her womb or the right to a procured abortion.”

“You may ,in some circumstances, where you don’t have any candidate who is proposing to eliminate all abortion, choose the candidate who will most limit this grave evil in our country. But you could never justify voting for a candidate who not only does not want to limit abortion but believes that it should be available to everyone.”



Pope Francis “there are no negotiable or non-negotiable issues”.

Cardinal Burke does not speak authoritatively of how Catholics must form their consciences when voting.

A Catholic cannot vote for a candidate because they are pro-choice but they can despite that stance if their conscience insists a proportionate reason to vote for that pro-choice candidate.



The Church disagrees with you.



In the last two presidential elections, the voters did not vote for the lesser of two evils. On the contrary, the voters decided they weren’t going to vote for the evil of two lessers. :smiley:



Yes this is a good way to indicate that you do not approve of the choices. I suppose one could go a step further and see, via a very grassroots effort, if many others would be willing to write your name down. I sometimes think we might get a good surprise one day if a few people actually made it in the door this way. Just a thought.



NOT in the case of California for Congress District 52. Voting for the Democrat Scott Peters will lessen the evil - since if elected his votes won’t affect anything BUT voting for Republican Demaio . he will advance his agenda working to take family issues (life, Marriage and Religious Liberty) out of the Republican Party.



Way to dodge that question.



And our consciences must be well formed, obviously. However, there are some who claim their conscience tells them that abortion is okay (Catholic or otherwise). I don’t believe them.

Deep down, encoded in our spiritual dna so to speak, we know the truth of what is truly right and wrong. I don’t think true ignorance of morality is nearly as common as many would claim. Almost non-existent, in fact, IMO. We all sin, but rarely do I not know that what I am doing is wrong. I just choose sin out of weakness.

The same applies to voting. Some would they see other mitigating reasons deep down, albeit not being pro-abortion. I believe in most cases this is merely their attempt to assuage nagging guilt and make themselves feel better about their vote.

Either way, aren’t you the one who said you aren’t one to question the Church when they give us prudent advice in the topic on legalized marijuana? yet, when numerous Cardinals and bishops over time have said the same thing about voting, you dismiss them. Why the inconsistency?



Interesting perspective.

I suppose when one looks at the bottom line, over 1.2 million babies aborted every year, he can see any kind of compromised legislation against abortion virtually useless. It merely forces those contemplating abortions to have them done sooner or go somewhere else. Or even cry rape more often. I don’t personally see that as lessening evil, though it does appear on the surface that it doesn’t expand it either.




Agreed. I must work on my campaign strategy. :slight_smile:



In Nevada we have None of the Above, and that garnered more votes than the person on the Democratic side running for Gov. in the primary.:smiley:



That’s one way of lessening government. :slight_smile:



I would love to see this implemented nationwide.


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