Voting Liberal In Canada


Can Catholics Vote for the Liberal Party in Canada without committing a sin? That’s about it.


Let me put it this way: if I voted for the Liberals I would go to confession. The NDP and the Tories are pretty bad, too, but that doesn’t justify a vote for another party of the culture of death.


I guess it depends on what is the political ideology that the Liberal Party stands on. And if everyone that runs for office from that party has to adhere to it.

Here in the US our Bishops put out Living the Gospel of Life as a guide to how to form your conscience. Archbishop Chaput referred to it recently…

And while being opposed to abortion and euthanasia does not excuse anyone from caring about other social injustices, such a poverty and violence, there is a right ordering of moral priorities, Archbishop Chaput said, which is the reason the United States’ bishops released their 1998 pastoral letter, “Living the Gospel of Life.”

“Any politics of human dignity must seriously address issues of racism, poverty, hunger, employment, education, housing and health care. … But being ‘right’ in such matters can never excuse a wrong choice regarding direct attacks on innocent human life.”

“Indeed, the failure to protect and defend life in its most vulnerable stages renders suspect any claims to the ‘rightness’ of positions in other matters affecting the poorest and least powerful of the human community” (“Living the Gospel of Life,” 22).

I think from that document came the idea of the five Catholic non negoitiables…abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, and so-called homosexual “marriage” and Catholic Answers put out a voting guide for Catholics here…

Have the Canadian Bishops given any guidance?


I would vote for the party that best fits Catholic teaching on the five non-negotiables and supports religious freedom.


It’s news to me that exercising one’s democratic right however one chooses is ever a sin. Can someone explain that logically? I mean…come on…

Especially if something like abortion rights are off the political table in the election anyway (like they always are here in the UK), if that is something which might entail at least tacit participation in something.


Considering that the leader of the Liberal Party has explicitly stated that no one with pro-life views is welcome in his party…I would say that no it would not be appropriate for a Catholic to vote Liberal.


Then you wouldn’t vote.

They all support abortion & same-sex marriage. At least two parties won’t allow a person who is pro-life to even run. Conscience?? As far as they’re concerned if your conscience won’t allow you to kill a fetus you’re not fit to run for their party.


This election is causing a real problem for a lot of Christians I think. All 3 major parties are submerged in the culture of death up to their eyeballs. In our parish at least there hasn’t been any kind of guidance from the pulpit. And there’s a well-known Catholic in my riding running for federal office with a party that is on record saying it expects all its candidates to vote pro-choice. I don’t know how he can square that with his Catholic beliefs. My mother asked him about it and he tried to say it was a difference between ethics and morals, whatever the heck that means. She didn’t understand anything he said after that. I really don’t know how to distinguish between parties when they’re all spouting the same garbage about pro-life issues.


Ok, logically, if I vote for person who fights for abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, or homosexual unions, then my vote is helping that politician enact/support these which are evil.


I still think it’s possible to figure this out.


Yes, because voting irresponsibly could make one complicit in evil through material cooperation.

Also, would you be saying this if slavery were part of a political party’s platform—that it wouldn’t really matter if I voted for that or not? :ehh:


At least the Conservatives have individual members who are pro-life…even if no one is going to touch the issue politically at this time. In the US it continues to be a lively debate. You and I, Lord have mercy, live in a nation that fully embraces the mass slaughter of innocent babies.



How true that is. :frowning:

There seems to be no good choices in this election.

As far as I know, unlimited access to abortion is the norm in Canada. The Conservative party won’t even touch the issue as PM Stephen Harper believes it is political suicide to do so. The other two major parties, the Liberals and NDP, want to make abortion even easier for women to access. And as was stated before on this thread, both the Liberal and NDP party leaders have explicitly stated that no pro-life person would be allowed to remain in their party.

It’s even sadder when Justin Trudeau claims to be Catholic. He evidently completed ignored this letter from Cardinal Thomas Collins:

I’m not a fan of the Conservative party, but as this poster said, it is the lesser of the evils. At least its party members are (privately) allowed to be pro-life.


Of all the three party’s - the Liberals threatened to kick anyone who was anti abortion - that alone says not to vote liberal if you are Catholic

And living in Manitoba I will never vote NDP with what they have done in this province

Conservative is how I will vote


I’m leaning this way but Stephen Harper scares me to death. He’s the most control freak Prime Minister we’ve ever had, playing underhanded politics by putting forward omnibus bills that sneak in restrictions to our freedoms while cutting short the debate that would force said bills to be amended. I trust him about as far as I can trust him.

Not to mention that the candidate running for his party in my riding is someone who got caught breaking the Elections Act last time he was elected and threw his campaign manager under the bus. I’d never vote for him.

When you know that no party will ever do anything to limit abortion, let alone criminalize it again, does it really matter who you vote for. They’re all liars who will promise anything to get elected then say “Oh, I had no idea things were like X, Y, & Z and now that I’ve seen that I can’t keep my promise. Sorry.”


It is important to remember that we have a moral obligation to participate in the political process to the extent our country’s constitution enables us, and thus we ought to vote. It is not always the case that a vote indicates support for a whole package of policy positions; it can sometimes be used in order to resist other, even worse, positions. The Church has made this clear in regard to abortion law, for instance. If I am a legislator I may in good conscience vote, e.g., for a bill that allows abortion up to 3 months IF I am doing it in order to ameliorate the current law which allows abortion up to 6 months. My vote is not intended to promote something as good or impose what I think is a perfect order, only to improve upon the current order and limit its evil. So if all the parties are opposed to truth and good morals we still need to vote for the party that is LEAST opposed, as a matter of safeguarding ourselves and our fellow citizens as best we can from the consequences of the even worse parties gaining power.


and here I thought it was against CAF rules to discuss politics other than on the News subforum. :shrug:


This is an important distinction, one I had forgotten about so thanks for reminding me. Currently there is no criminal federal law regarding abortion *at all. *Abortion is completely legal up to the moment of birth. So if one of the parties comes out in favour of restricting access at all, that’s at least a small improvement over the current situation. Problem is AFAIK none of them have. The next benchmark would then be “right to die” legislation. I don’t know what position, if any, the parties have taken on that issue.


We’re discussing the morality of voting.

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