With the election coming up on Tuesday, I have been trying to research information on the Internet on candidates up for election, to see where they stand on the issues (especially pro-life). Whenever it comes to candidates on the national level, that isn’t nearly problematic. But when it comes to the local level, it is way more difficult….

It appears there are only four real races for me to vote in for this election (since all of the other races on the local ballot have candidates running unopposed). One is for the race for the US representative in Congress, and I was able to find out the information I need on there to make my decision. The other three are on a more local level, though, and more difficult to find information on….

There is a race for the County Judge Executive, County Clerk, and a judge of the Court of Appeals. But I can’t find much information at all about any of these candidates on the pro-life issues or any of the other “non-negotiables“.

The closest I can find is that one of the candidates for the judge of the court of appeals was “recommended” by the Kentucky right to life committee….otherwise, though, I could only find their stances on other issues, if even that. (Perhaps I should have expected that, since it is for more office on a more local level, but….)

What should I do then? Should I just not vote at all in those races, and only vote in the race for the US representative in Congress, where I have adequate information?

Or should I vote in those races on the local level anyway, on the basis of the information I do have (on the other issues?)

On the one hand, I do wish to vote if I am supposed to. But on the other hand, I am afraid of making the wrong choice, which would be worse than not voting at all….

I don’t know if I’m simply being too scrupulous (I have a very bad problem with scrupulosity), or not. I certainly don’t want to be sinning, especially a mortal sin… (I’m also afraid perhaps I haven’t done enough “research”. I’ve tried using the Internet to find information, though I haven’t directly contacted the candidates offices admittedly).

I would appreciate any help. Thanks.


Athanasius: You sound like you are definitely on the right track. I also had a hard time finding information on local candidates. If you cannot find the information you should still vote. If you like you can leave those parts of the ballot blank that you are unsure of, but definitely vote for the offices that you can. You also should consider picking up the phone and calling the offices of the candidates. Ask them directly how they stand on the non-negotiables. If they won’t tell you, chances are they are on the wrong side. Good luck, and make sure you vote on Tuesday!


I spent almost a whole day at work researching what each canidates stands were especially in regards to abortion. I think it is well worth the time to do the research…just be glad you don’t have Dick Durbin and Barrack Obama for senators…and neither terms are up!!!


To be honest, I really don’t feel comfortable getting on the phone to ask questions (I could, I guess, but…). In future elections I can write to the candidates, but now I don’t have the time, with the election only two days away.

On top of that, now I saw a webpage that makes reference to an encyclical of Pope Pius XII that said it is mortal sin not to vote (though it doesn’t mention which encyclical), and so I am now very worried.

Like I said, when it comes to candidates on a higher level, it is not so hard to find information on the Internet. But when it comes to the local level it is much more difficult.

Any other advice would be grealy appreciated. Thanks!


Sorry for bumping this, but I am very concerned about this issue. (I am very concerned about committing a mortal sin…). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


on EWTN Q&A Faith questions in the last couple of days Julie Brown (Judy) answered this question in the Right to Life forum, and provided links for all 50 states. if I can find it I will come back to post, but that is an easy site to search


I would have responded sooner but this is on the wrong forum and I could not find it

some recommendations from EWTN’s Judie Brown
Judie Brown
When both candidates are pro-choice why not send a message and write in Pro-life Rita.We always seem to reinvent the wheel during election time. God Bless, Leo
Thanks Leo. I think a secular web site [not pro-life] that provides the voter with precisely what statements the cadidate has made is hte best place to check:
Exact voting record is provided along with personal statements from the candidate’s mouth.
Thanks for the correction.
Judie Brown
As we find ourselves comming closer to upcomming elections, both in 2006 and 2008 one question has been bugging me… What are we to do if both candidates are pro-choice, and do not support the our stand on the issue? Should we not vote? Or do we ignore it and then vote for whomever we please because the issue of Abortion would no longer be an issue?
Thank you.
Peter Setnicker
Dear Peter
I suggest voting for pro-life RITA. For details, see
Judie Brown
Is there a website that endorses prolife candidates for the coming election?
Dear Sally
Please check
Judie Brown


Thank-you for providing the link.

However, I am unable to find out information over the Internet for candidates on the local level for my area (i.e., in this case, for county judge executive, county clerk, and judge for the court of appeals)…That is what really has me concerned. I don’t wish to have to make phone calls to their offices (I don’t like making phone calls), but neither do I wish to be sinning (especially mortally) by not “doing enough” to make an informed decision. So I don’t know if there is any other way I can find out information…


Athanasius: Well, if you have an uncontrollable fear of telephones then it would not be a mortal sin, because you would not have full control over your actions. Could you drive to their campaign headquarters and ask someone in person? Otherwise, just go to your polling place on Tuesday and hopefully someone will be handing out pro-life voter recommendations and that might solve the issue for you. But if at long last you cannot find any information, then don’t vote on that part of your ballot.


Athanasius: Well, if you have an uncontrollable fear of telephones then it would not be a mortal sin, because you would not have full control over your actions.

No, I do not have a fear of telephones. It’s just that I’m kind of shy, I guess, and prefer to use written over oral communication. Plus, perhaps I shouldn’t, but it does feel kind of weird asking questions about the five “non-negotiables” for candidates for county clerk and county judge executive, so again, I prefer to do it through written communications…

I just wish I could find a way to contact them through email, I guess…I don’t know how, though.


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