Vows of Stability, Conversatio and Obedience


… the three vows of the Benedictines, preceeding the vows of Poverty Chastity and Obedience.

So what do these three vows mean for a secular person living in the real world.

The Obedience one is the one I’m struggling with most. Obedience to the Church is a given, but how to express obedience in normal day to day life. For example, at work, I challenge things Im not happy with. Often I can get things changed by these challenges. Would obedience here mean I should just simply accept the requirements of the senior management team and get on with it, in a spirit of prayer of offering. Would this not mean then that some unscruplious managers could see me as a bit of a walkover and take advantage.

Your thoughts on all three vows are welcome.


the vow of obedience for Benedictines is obedience to their rule of life, which includes obedience to their superiors.

You can apply this to life if you wish as a personal sacrifice, but its not necessary.

Also, if you chose to do it, it doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, but rather, doing your job as told, and not arguing about it.

In all it has to do with humility.



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