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I have a question about vows of chastity. Obviously a person who has made a vow of chastity should seek not to commit any sins against this virtue, mortal or venial. But just for information purposes, do only mortal sins break the vow? I read if the vow is broken, it’s not only a sin against chastity, but against religion too, and if you’re consecrated, it’s a sacrilege. So it’s very serious. What if a person made a vow of chastity and then committed a very slight venial sin, without any deliberate consent? have they broken their vow or is it only mortal sins that do this? just wanted to check if anyone has any information… my understanding is that it’s mortal sin that does this but what is the effect on the vow of venial sins? thank you


You really should consult your pastor. He is in a position to determine if you have entered into a binding vow to begin with, and if you broke it. If you did break it, he can celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation with you to restore your relationship with God and absolve you of the sin.


I will assume your meaning a* theoretical private vow of chastity*.

I would say one would commit a sin against chastity that was venial due to lack of complete consent - it would be a venial sin against chastity and be also a venial sin against the virtue of religion.

Discuss with ones confessor if such should occur.

(And if one is thinking of making such a vow one can work on the matter of the vow with ones confessor etc prior to making it.)


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