Vox video "Why is California always on fire?"


Yes, “man-made climate change” is brought up in this video:


Catholics aren’t against man-made climate change, if that is where the science is.

And if Catholics are not pro-environment, they should remind themselves of Catholic social teaching, in which care for environment is one of the principles.


Don’t worry the deniers will soon show up.


its full of gum trees., they burn.


Forest fires are nothing new, Smoky the Bear has been whining about it since the 1940’s.

Back in the day, there really wasn’t the 24 news cycle telling everyone coast to coast the latest effort in fighting this fire or the the next.

Newspapers only came out once a day.


they aren’t new, but fire complexes are very different these days to what they were.

And they are taking fire fighters with surprise. There are countries that were just not ready for the contingencies of such great fire complexes. Because they weren’t a ‘thing’ back in the day. They were easily controlled. Today, well its a different story. And its only going to get worse.

Even in Australia, which looks at a match and sets itself alight. we were caught out with the Black Saturday bush fires. No one thought a fire could possibly behave the way those fires did.
Greece recently is another example, Portugal, the list goes on. The Arctic circle is burning too, this summer.

Fires have become an entity that needs complete relearning and re preparedness. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen until the fire itself. And watching how it behaves. And analysing that behaviour later on.

They create their own weather once they get going, produce lightening, do all sorts of terrifyingly creative things to keep burning bigger and brighter.


I always wonder to what degree the houses burning is due to placement in the forested areas. Seems like there should be certain zoning and fire management practices in the code. Maybe there are. https://www.citylab.com/environment/2017/12/fire-damage-to-californias-homes-isnt-as-random-as-it-seems/548069/


yep thats definitely a thing here. After black saturday, laws were readjusted and tweeked.

housing being built in fire zones need all sorts of safeguards. Although safeguards won’t save your home from one of our fire complexes. but it makes people feel good


What I find interesting is… we haven’t been monitoring weather for all that long (in the grand scheme). Yet we think we know the natural ebb and flow of this planet.

That I find interesting.

This summer we went on a dinosaur tour, visiting museums for dinosaurs, and obviously each of these museums had sections devoted to weather changes and planet changes through the ages. All very educated speculation (obviously), since we weren’t there and weren’t recording anything.

Does mankind have an impact? Obviously. Sometimes I think the things we think are impacting the planet aren’t the actual things that are impacting the planet…

When I was in school I was taught that firefighting (to protect our settlements) was, in fact, also damaging the planet since it wasn’t allowing things to clear out the way they should. I was taught that diverting rivers and dams and etc were hurting the planet. Now I’m taught that cars, heat, all the things we use to make our lives easier is hurting the planet but also that it’s a completely lost cause because the countries doing the most damage will never agree to slow down their fossil fuel consumption or carbon damage.

So what are we left to do?

Nothing we do individually will make a difference unless those far more offensive countries make a chance.

Working with teenagers you know what they took away from school? We’re doomed. There’s no point trying.

Seems to me we maybe need a different approach to this whole climate change discussion.

PS: One class of kids I worked with were told by their teacher that they were doomed to a future of hell because the planet was too far gone to ever be saved. One of those kids was suicidal. Seems like a GREAT message to be sharing.


Why is California burning? It’s not just because of the droughts they’ve been facing.

Over-zealous fire control in national forests over the last century has been a negative thing. Sometimes, it’s better to let nature take it’s course. Over-zealous fire control has allowed huge amounts of ground kindling to build up, as well as a large amount of smaller trees. This has led to the possibility of much larger fires which destroy the older, established trees in the forest. This is why scheduled, controlled burns are practiced in order to eliminate the huge amounts of kindling that can build up. Nature, if left to run it’s course, would have smaller fires in previous history, which would clean up this kindling and maintain the safety and health of the forest. California has restricted logging and controlled burns and is suffering the consequences.

My take-away from this is that sometimes it’s better to let nature take its course. We need to check our pride. Nature is wiser than man.


This here is EXACTLY what I learned in school.



There are a number of very simple thing you can do. Make sure you have efficient bulbs, LED or CFL; lighting is the most significant easily changed item. Choose energy efficient major appliances. Set your temperature back and get a good learning thernostat. Support alternative energy sources, I live in a town home so I can’t have a solar panel or similar, but we source our energy from a company who buys as much alternative energy as possible even though it costs more money.

Keep your car from excessive idling. Drive an efficient car, but that doesn’t always mean the latest and greatest since it requires emissions to produce, virgin materials, and creates more junk/waste when it is at the end of its life. Buy quality things that have a long lifespan.

Recycle of course, but do it right (as in not throwing things that cannot be taken) so the whole material stream is “contaminated” with things that reduce the value of it when it is sold on.


The point is, these things we do make a VERY small impact on the larger problem. Until those other countries fall in line, we can’t stop what’s happening. So what’s the point? It’s like pissing in the ocean (pardon the crudeness).


We are to care for ALL of God’s creation. So when liberals with a political ideology that lays waste to the life teachings of Jesus on contraception, abortion, marriage and end of life issues but wants us to listen to their so called climate change agenda…smh. I think I might have detected some population control hints in there too lol.


I’ve always lived in Southern California, and let me tell you, I have an unsettling familiarity with the smell of wildfires. I think it largely has to do with the fact that the vegetation around here is so dang flammable during the summer months. It’s the way the life cycles of these plants go. During the winter months and into spring the hills around where I live are covered in a lush green, but that all dries up quickly during the summer. Especially this summer after a dry winter. There are hills and hills covered with dry brush. Triple digit heat and winds make it easy for these fires to start (although the recent big ones have been started by arsonists).


In Australia in NSW right now, we have bushfires. It’s still winter.
The climate has shifted so much, we now have bushfire in winter
It’s shaping up to be a long and difficult fire season.


I’ve read your posts on the subject and they are “spot on”.


There are 79 bushfires burning in NSW, 32 of them are out of control.
and it’s winter!


Three of the ten worst fires in the history of the state of California are happening this year, so that is news, as it turns out.

Look up a list of California fires since 1932 and find the top 20.

Since 2006 (inclusive), 15 of the top 20 fires. That’s 15 of 20 (75%) within just 12 years of a span of over 85 years. Twelve years is less than 15 percent of 85 years.

There have been three in the top eight largest fires in California in the last 12 MONTHS.

The largest fire in California history, which is still burning, is at 363,845 acres. Second place? It was “only” 281,893 acres, and it happened last December.

Sorry, Smokey, but that is NEWS. That is terrifying news.

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