Voyage of the Dawn Treader- Trailer

I thought that the Narnia movie series was dead. I just found out that it is being made with a release date of december 10th. Am I late to the party?:stuck_out_tongue:


Well it looks kinda…weird in my opinion. LWW was the only book I LOVED frm the series (I liked the rest) and I liked LWW the movie better, honestly because it was more cheesy, and I love cheesy things. Also b/c t was more magical. I liked both movies but from an objective view, they weren’t amazing.

Nonetheless, I want them to make all the movies, so I hope Dawn Treader does well. It does look more like LWW (snow and more magic.)

So I just hope this goes down well, and I’m not sure what to think with the trailer. :shrug:

Thoughts? (oh and I hope numerous threads of this haven’t been made which I missed. If so, please redirect me.)

It looks absolutely awesome. I love the books, and must say that the movies have all been fantastic.

Will that witch just die already.:smiley:

It does look cool, but being the critic that I am… You have raised my Hopes :D.

No the witch won’t die. I know I shouldn’t hope Peter and Susan are in this movie (as they are not in the book.) but I hope they do and trailer gives me reason to believe they will have some scenes (dream/vision or maybe in the real world, but still.):slight_smile:

That would be Disney’s fault. They didn’t think that Caspian made enough money, so they dropped the series. 20th Century Fox picked it up (man, do they have a lot of good movies).

It looks good. I’m looking forward to seeing it (but not nearly as much as I’m looking forward to the last Harry Potter movie)

Woo hoo!!! :extrahappy:

Dawn Treader is my favorite book in the series, so I’m very happy to see it see the light of day as a feature film. :thumbsup:

Ya, it didn’t rake in as much money as they hoped. I knew Fox had picked it up, but they kept pushing the release date so I thought they series was dead (:() and I would have to wait another 20+ years to see the whole series made into movies!! Dawn Treader has to do well if they are going to make more movies!!

I haven’t seen any advertising actually. I found the trailer while I was searching for something else, so… I hope that they do advertise well, and I’m sure Fox is capable. I’m just suspicious as to why they are so silent about the movie. You would think they would pump it up as the first movie was popular and the second did fairly well. Maybe its too early, but I’m seeing trailers/posters/marketing for movies in January and later, so come on show us more Narnia!!

P.S. Yes I am looking forward to Harry Potter too…:slight_smile:

Hmm, I didn’t think Prince Caspian had done poorly (in terms of profit) until Disney starting moaning about it. Yes it wasn’t AS much as LWW, but they got more than they put in…They should consider it is probably most peoples least favorite book in the series, is one of the hardest to translate to film (story wise), and they had a terrible release date. I’m glad its back to December. :wink:

The Dawn Treader is my favorite book out of the whole series, so I have high hopes, but that trailer makes me a bit nervous. I’m pretty picky about sticking to the book and it sounds like they’ve add to it, but we’ll see. :shrug:

You mean the shots of Peter and Susan?:stuck_out_tongue:

According to Wikipedia, those two have a “cameo appearance” in this movie. I’m not sure how they’ll work them in, but at least it is no more than a cameo. I can understand why they would do such a thing. It provides for a bit more continuity between the first two films and this one. At least, it gives that appearance as they can show them in the trailers. :slight_smile:

If they ever make it to “The Last Battle” (which I sincerely hope they do!), I have the feeling they’d include Susan where she wasn’t included before. That’s my biggest concern. :o

Mine too :slight_smile: Makes me want to go back and reread them.

It was my favorite book in the series too so I’m looking forward to this movie. I loved the exploration adventure in this book. Each Island they discovered had a unique and entertaining adventure. Also, Eustace was great during his spoiled rotten phase, and I remember laughing at his self centered diary entries when reading it as a kid.

I have my doubts that they will get that far, but you are probably right about Susan. CS Lewis still catches some flack for his supposed ill-treatment of Susan. I think the criticism is unjust, but I can’t see a director leaving Susan out of The Last Battle when it is so tempting to reunite the cast from the first movie.

Yes, there is a lot of purpose to why Lewis left Susan out. It shows how one can fall away from their faith, as their are many people in the real world like that. I think Lewis wanted an example of this in his books. And the fac t people are so sad Susan is not in the book get me to wonder how sad they would to find out people not going to heavan for abandoning their faith!

It would be happy to see everyone their in the movie, but it doesn’t have as much meaning if they do include Susan.

One thing I am worried about is HOW they include Peter and Susan in Dawn Treader. The trailer shows Edmund attempting to enlist in WW2 so my big concern is that Peter did enlist. :eek: when he is supposed to be studing…Or that Susan became a nurse during the war… :rolleyes:

I have my doubts as well, but I hold out hope. :o It seems likely that they’ll do “Silver Chair” so long as this one performs well (which I have no reason to think it won’t). The other three get a little trickier, especially “The Last Battle”, that is, if they plan on using the same actors and actresses. There’s not the same sort of continuity as there is with the first four books.

My guess would be that Peter & Susan’s cameo in Dawn Treader will come either in the beginning, at the end, or both. That wouldn’t bother me. I wouldn’t think they’d be artificially inserted into the Narnia portion of the film. That would bother me.

More so the White Witch. She wasn’t in the book at all. A couple of comments made it sound like there is some kind of battle to fight against someone, but the book was more of just an adventure. They were traveling and dealing with things as they discovered them, but it wasn’t a fight against someone like the first two.

Me two, I started last night. :smiley: They make good, fun, easy before bed reading. :smiley:

One thing I am worried about is HOW they include Peter and Susan in Dawn Treader. The trailer shows Edmund attempting to enlist in WW2 so my big concern is that Peter did enlist. when he is supposed to be studing…Or that Susan became a nurse during the war…

I wrote this on an earlier post. I’m curious as to how you feel if this happened? And what do you think are the chances of it being true (tell me its very slim :gopray2:)

Ah yes, I glossed over that part of the trailer apparently. :blush:

Hmmm… How will they incorporate the White Witch? If it’s just a little “aside”, that wouldn’t be too bad; however, if it serves as the main thrust of the plot movement, that would be a bit disconcerting.

Perhaps the white witch makes a cameo on the Island of Dreams. I hope it doesn’t go any further then that.

If they do make “The Silver Chair” into a movie, why do I get the feeling that they will replace the Lady of the Green Kirtle with Jadis the White Witch? :rolleyes:

Oh, I really hope they don’t do that! I can understand the desire for continuity, but the White Witch isn’t Lord Voldemort. There doesn’t have to be the same villain in every one (most importanly because there isn’t the same villain in every book). Superhero movies always switch out the villains in every film. :slight_smile:

B&N has a great copy of the entire series in a one book hardcover set 18 bucks or something like that. I bought one for my mom’s birthday because her ancient copies were missing pages galore, but I just ordered one for myself cause I couldn’t pass it up haha. Just realized I sound like a dorky commercial, but I’m waiting for it to come in and am excited

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