VP-elect Mike Pence Replaces Chris Christie heading up Trump's Transition Team


VP-elect Mike Pence Replaces Chris Christie heading up Trump’s Transition Team



Another Trump appointment:



Fair enough. They are both capable of doing the job. But Christie is damaged goods with the Bridgegate scandal. Besides Pence I think really did a nice job in the campaign, making the ticket seem viable to conservatives who were not necessarily sold on Trump. More Republicans voted for Trump than Democrats for Clinton. You have Pence (and Clinton and Obama) to thank for that.

Christie is a smart guy though; I hope he isn’t completely tossed. Seems a bit cruel. He could be helpful to Trump, the country in some capacity.


I agree.


I think that was a wise choice to replace Christie with Pence.


I’m sure Christie won’t be the last person to be fired by Trump.


Doubt if he was actually fired.


I think this was a very shrewd move by Trump.
Pence is quite capable and was added to the ticket for his experience and ability to work with the DC establishment. This indicates Pence will have a strong role in the administration. I don’t see it as a slight on Christie, to be replaced by the VP.

I also don’t think Kaine would have had any role in planning Hillary’s appointments.


I agree.


Trump seems to have outstanding political instincts … especially for an outsider.

Trump seems to recognize truly good talent.

When Trump made his victory speech at 3am, he assembled his family on stage. One of the people who pushed his way to the front of the crowd was Chris Christie. Yet one of the most important people is Jeff Sessions who was way at the end of the line almost in the pit.

Chris Christie is a disaster. One of his own members of Congress lost re-election on Tuesday. Scott Garrett from Bergen County NJ … very conservative. Lost re-election by 10,000 votes. Chris Christie should have backed up Scott Garrett during the campaign, but declined to do so.

Christie stabbed Romney in the back at the 2012 Republican Convention by not even mentioning Romney’s name in the keynote address.

Christie met with President Obama on the beach with the famous hand holding, wet shirt photo … trying to get Obama to agree to Federal aid after Super Storm Sandy. The aid never came, but the photo helped cement Obama’s victory in 2012.

Christie as Governor of New Jersey had the duty to name the replacement to Senator Lautenberg after the Senator died. Christie could have picked a local conservative, a city Mayor, but instead ordered a special election, which went to a liberal Democrat [who may not even live in NJ] and added to Democrat control over the U.S. Senate.

Perhaps Christie was more intent at eliminating political competition to himself.


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