VP Joe Biden in Saginaw Michigan; Editorial blunder in local newspaper

The Bay City (Michigan) Times publishes only three times a week. They’ve lost advertising and they say that they can’t afford to put out seven issues a week.

Last week, I got the paper and it had a very boring editorial. In addition to being boring, the editorial ended in mid-sentence. So, I sent the editor an email, kidding him about it. Well, he snapped back at me and said that my emails were “incessant ridicule.”

He later wrote back to apologize for his sharp remark.

Well, today, the editorial had another error in it. It was talking about how significant it was that Vice President Joe Biden had come to the Tri-Cities. Biden came to carry Obama’s message that’s in the news this week, that the stimulus package “worked” and people are still on-the-job because of it.

The Times editorial was getting flamboyant, and they ran away with themselves. They said,

"the significance of the visit cannot be underestated."

EXACTLY – I thought Biden’s visit was meaningless, too.:smiley:

They probably intended to say that the importance of Biden’s visit couldn’t be OVERstated.

They went on to say that Obama was very concerned about the unemployment in Michigan.

The only economic impact of Biden’s visit is that he went to Saginaw to a restaurant called Fuzzy’s (I’m not kidding) and had lunch. (Would you eat a Fuzzy sandwich or a Fuzzy meatloaf? I wouldn’t either.)

Now, am I being too mean to the Bay City Times? Perhaps the editorial writer was too excited about Biden’s visit, I can’t tell. But, I’m telling you, what they published was FUNNY.

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