Vratislaus and Bohemian Bible translation


On another forum someone posted this -
“In 1079 Vratislaus, who later became king of Bohemia, asked the permission of Pope Gregory VII to translate the Bible into the language of his subjects. The pope’s answer was no. He stated: “It is clear to those who reflect often upon it, that not without reason has it pleased Almighty God that holy scripture should be a secret in certain places, lest, if it were plainly apparent to all men, perchance it would be little esteemed and be subject to disrespect; or it might be falsely understood by those of mediocre learning, and lead to error”

This looks like it was from a Watchtower tract. I’d like to gather the actual facts to respond to this information. Can anyone tell me if the Pope’s answer has other context, and it’s source? In this other forum thread I am responding to some claims that the Church tried to “keep the Bible from the people”, so to speak.


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