Waht tv shows do you watch on daily/weekly basis?

dont know if there is a thread of this nature before…anyway,these are the shows that i watch daily: headline news,before i go to work and local news before i go to bed.
weekly: the journey home and weekday mass on ewtn; lockep up abroad and border wars on nat geo; several shows on discovery ID;american greed on CNBC;pawn stars on History .i also watch periodically,"showbiz tonight and nancy grace ,anderson cooper on headline /CNN news; sports on espn;reality shows on VH1 and some shows on True tv.I used to love the travel channel ,but they dont have the shows that i want anymore.
how about you what do you watch???

I watch Chopped every Tuesday. :thumbsup:

The only shows I watch on a regular basis is the news (local, national and international). Sometimes I wonder why I bothered getting satelite - 500 channels and nothing on!

EWTN, Encore Western Channel, Local & national news, Hallmark Channel, Turner Classic Movies, Weather Channel, Yeah, I remember when there were only two or three channels and there was more on those than the 500 or more channels on satellite/cable!:shrug:

I get all those channels and watch on occasion EWTN since Bell TV dropped its Canadian counterpart (Salt and Light) from our service in the Yukon - thank God for the internet. Watching Turner right now “A Walk in the Sun”

I also watch Chopped every week, and also Cupcake Wars. I’m also rather fond of First 48.

Let’s see, Royal Pains, Downton Abby, The Newsroom, 30 Rock, Law and Order reruns, 60 Minutes, Project Runway and Top Chef!:wink:

Lots of shows on EWTN, especially Journey home, Mother Angelica Classics, and daily Mass. I love football so I try to watch as many games as possible

We often watch CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Sometimes also baseball with the Chicago Cubs.

when it starts up again (season 2 premiere is September 30th) I will be watching Once Upon a Time every Sunday night. Other than that, occasionally watch Journey Home on EWTN on Monday nights.

My wife is one of the regular background extras on that show. :slight_smile: The next episode she’s in is September 19th. White with black strip dress on the dock scene; Blue, flowery, sleeveless dress in the bar restaurant scene.

With regard to the rest, we generally watch various Food Network shows, Pawn Stars, and Storage Wars. These are shows the whole family can watch. After the kids go to bed we might watch Law & Order SVU or NCIS. I’ll also watch various shows if someone I know is one of the actors.

I usually catch HLN news programming, try to catch Law and Order SVU occasionally, though I will admit I make it a point to view True Crime With Aphrodite Jones on the ID Network when it is on. I turn on the Weather Channel to fall asleep.

There’s really no good drama on the air anymore. So I largely watch DVD’s that I’ve purchased of my favorite shows from the past.

I’m a big sports fan so I have to watch ESPN, NFL Network, NFL Football, NCAA Football. But I love watching EWTN!!! I Also tune into CNN and Fox News. Other than that I don’t watch anything else.

I mostly watch Asian shows seeing as I live here in Asia. o:

I only watch the Cubs after the kids have gone to bed. Too much profanity.


I unplugged the television a couple years ago, and for the most part don’t miss it. The only exceptions would be for *The Daily Show *and The Colbert Report. But those two shows can be watched online.

NCIS, Criminal Minds, Burn Notice and Leverage.

Hawaii 5-0 (season opener tonight YIPPEE)
Drop Dead Diva
Army Wives
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Making the Team
First 48
Design Star
Top Chef
Project Runway

I like the House Hunters shows on HGTV, but I’m beginning to get very tired of them. One time I just want the realtor to slap the little darling who thinks they’re going to get stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, totally updated bathrooms, huge bedrooms all in a house that would cost $300,000 when they only have a $100,000 budget. Or they complain that the house is too small when it’s 4,000 square feet:eek: Seriously??? Then there’s the international version where they want American amenities when they’re in Europe. Ummm, hello. You’re in EUROPE!!!

I also like America’s Next Top Model, but with the changes they made this cycle, I’m not sure I’m going to continue watching. I absolutely hate the changes, the new judges – who exactly is this BryanBoy person and what makes him a modeling expert???

The Office

The Daily Mass and The Journey Home on EWTN

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