Waiting for a Job Offer


About 6 months ago my DH decided that he wanted to leave his job. He is miserable in the place he is at, but unfortunately he makes significantly more then I do and we could not afford for him to just quit. He has been looking sense then and had a second interview on Tuesday for something that he is really excited about. He is supposed to find out on Monday if he gets an offer, with each passing day the wait is getting harder and harder. Any ideas on how I can keep both of us from going insane this weekend waiting to find out?


I recently went through a similar situation! Waiting to hear back is SO difficult! Keep praying and asking that God’s will be done. That is the one thing that comforted me. Hope everything works out!




Thanks. I know that is about all we can do at this point. He is so excited and wants it so bad. I hope he gets it to, really I do, but it would mean moving 4hrs away and selling a house and . . . . . I have to stop making lists at least until Monday. :whacky:


hee hee… Spend the weekend in bed together. :smiley: Don’t know how you two could concentrate on worrying or hoping or waiting… :smiley:

I realize that if you have young kids, or if you are avoiding pregnancy and in the fertile part of your cycle, this advice is not useful… but otherwise, I think you could have a lot of fun avoiding thinking about it. :smiley:

I know how hard it is waiting for an offer and hoping for that good job…DH and I went through that a couple years ago. It’s HORRIBLE. Prayers for you and DH. It’s such a blessing when your man likes his job. They get so much of their identity and ego support from that. When they can like it, be good at it, and support their family with it, that’s the rare trifecta that is so precious. I really hope your family can have that. Ours has had it for two years now, and I will never take it for granted again.


Your weekend advice might just work :smiley:

He is so frustrated at himself for not liking his current job, and for possible making us move (its just the 2 of us at this point but additions are welcome :gopray2: !) and taking me away from my family and friends and job, that I am trying to stay way positive about and not share all my worries. I asked him a year ago to try and stick it out but then things got worse for him, so we decided he should look everywhere, and he has been so much happier this past week. Its great! :slight_smile:


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