Waiting for next steps in life


I recently purchased a new home and then put my old home on the market to be sold. I truly believe it was God’s intention that we move (he sent me many signs) so that my son didn’t have to be in daycare as long as he was because our home was so far away from my work. I know he has a plan for us and I’m trying to keep that in my mind, but practically speaking, I’m always on the verge of worrying if it will sell soon and how I will be able to afford it all. Please pray for me. I know that there are so many others with worse situations and I keep trying to focus my prayers on others, but at times, it is hard. I never realized the stress people felt who were in my situation. I guess now I know.


Father, please send visionofblue a good buyer for her home. She is following, and she needs Your love, and favor now that her house is for sale, so please send a buyer and I pray that all negotiations will go well for her. Please ease the tension she’s feeling now and grace her with Your light. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.


You have my prayers, I know this can be very difficult. :gopray:


Father, we your humble servants ask for your mercy once again. These many families trying to pay two mortgages are in despirate need of persons to buy their homes. Father you understand the financial difficulties they are facing. Guide the right person to purchase these homes. In Jesus name I pray…AMEN


Praying for you


Everyone’s prayers have touched my heart. I really appreciate all of them. God works in mysterious ways to help and guide us and I’m glad I’m listening. :slight_smile:


Please help visonofblue to get all these financial worries sorted out and settled down into a new routine. May visonof blue always be mindful of Your Will and submit to Your plan.


St. Anthony, please help find a buyer for visionofblue’s house.


Continuing to keep your intentions in my prayers…Amen


Praying for you…


Will keep it in prayer that your house will sell…


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