Waiting for sex and emotions

Sometimes it is difficult to believe God wants us all to remain celibate before marriage. I know most people who don’t, and they can handle it. If you are content with yourself, why do you need to live up to God’s standard? As for waiting for marriage or the right time to start a family by God’s timing. Younger seems better. You are not going to have as much energy when you get older. I also have questions about how we are all sinners. They are the obvious sinners, it is difficult to imagine mother Teresa is a sinner as is Kim Kardashian as is Jeffrey Dahmer.

That’s kind of all over the place.

Why have marriage at all if being chaste beforehand is not what God wants?
You do realize Saint Theresa if Calcutta went to confession right?

O yes. She did. She seems untouchable

Quite the contrary .
She was very human with all the hopes and fears that everyone else has. That’s her example to us. Her biggest fear was that no one would pray for her after she died.

The bottom line is…its NOT OURS to worry about celebrities or serial killers or the neighbor next door.
We are to focus on the care of our own souls.

Why would it be difficult for God to believe in purity? That makes no sense.
You know Christ was celibate right? Are we not called to put on Christ…sex is for marriage. You know this. What is meant by “and they can handle it?” Sounds like you’re saying they just flat don’t care. Again, their problem. Unless they are trying to sway you, then you’ve got to resist sin. You also are aware of this too.

The Gospels are full of the teaching to turn away from worldy sins, desires, passions.

Maybe a Continuing Ed class in Catholicism or sitting in on RCIA would be beneficial. .

The problem with pre-marital relationships is that they are ungrateful to You. There is no obligation, and thus, when You decide to break up with Your partner (or he/she decides), the other side feels cheated and extremely humiliated, while the one who breaks feels nothing at all. It is very degrading for the human dignity to enter in relationship with someone just for the sake of sex and emotions; it is even more degrading when You realize that Your partner was only seeking sex and emotions from You and now has thrown You away, have “used” You to satisfaction.

Celibacy before marriage seems difficult- but it is highly to be recommended, not only for moral reasons, but for purely human ones. Yukio Mishima famously said that the highest love is that which is unconsummated.

In fact, having sexual relationship with the person you love will generally deflate and de-spiritualize the whole thing, in the long-term. And then the practical problems of ‘being in a relationship’ arise- which is actually the source of more pain then joy.

Learn to enjoy sexual desire without its consummation. In fact, experience will teaches that such a state is one of the better possible human conditions. “It is better to have loved and lost; than to have loved, and gained, and then no longer to love that which is gained.” Noli eam tangere, deinde felix amator sis.

I am going to blow your mind and propose that Mother Teresa was a bigger sinner than the other two because of their ignorance. :eek:

I know of MANY people permanently damaged by premarital sex, even as adults(30+). I’ll got out on a limb and say 10% of people can handle premarital sex without MAJOR adverse effects, although most of that 10% would still have minor adverse effects.

This is an issue that is clear even without the teachings of the Church. It’s plainly visible to anyone who truly cares about the well being of others.

People fool themselves into believing they can handle it. They fool themselves into believing they are handling it, or have handled it and moved on to a successful marriage. But if they ever see life clearly they will suddenly see the effect it had on them, and it’s never good.

Yes it is true people used to marry much younger. We are biologically made to procreate as teenagers. Waiting to marry is a by-product of the culture that we’re in, a secular culture. My grandparents got married when they were 18-20. Going back thousands of years people were having marriages and children earlier than that. So don’t blame God on that one.

On the sinners part I’m reminded of a recent Gospel where there was a tax collector and a pharisee. The pharisee’s prayer was basically “Thank God I’m not a sinner like the rest of them.” while the tax collector’s prayer acknowledged he was a sinner and asked for mery.

Also think about “Hating your brother is the same as killing him.” At a recent talk, the guy me.tioned a daydream where he was in a boat with Jesus and big sinners and saying, “These people are murderers and adulterers. I’m in the wrong boat. I should be in the little sinner boat.” Bring on the hate=kill amd it’s the right boat.

None of us are free of sin, which is why forgiveness is so important.

Many people don’t understand the benefits of virtuous living. It’s not just for the sake of the afterlife. It brings benefits here on earth, in this life. If most people got that, we would all be better off.

Our current culture of sexual permissiveness, promiscuity, and porn is weakening and ruining relationships. There are huge negatives associated with it. It has been going on for decades and the consequences are plain to see.

Chastity isn’t just God’s standard. It is (or should be) our standard.

This statement shows that there is a fundamental problem with your knowledge of God. If you are **really **asking this, you need to get some help through an RCIA class or some Catholic books. Make an appointment with your parish priest and ask him this question. Hearing the answer from his mouth will mean more than anything any of us here can say.

You should not be content with yourself. Ever. There is always room for improvement.

I think that if you had a better understanding of **why **the church believes what it does, it would be easier for you to accept, and yes, even to follow, CRATUS.

Yes. This is a an attitude that will do much harm to your soul.

Anyone remember what Baptism is all about?

All of us struggle with vanity and believing we are in control. But who does everyone go to when it become clear that we can’t handle thing? We go crawling back to God. Better to not leave Him in the first place.

Hmmm… Now I see the bad in comparison. It is only in God’s eyes.


I see you as trying to make excuses and justify for living contrary to the teachings of the Bible and Ten Commandments. Peace.


I know what you’re going for, but I have to disagree. Ignorance doesn’t negate the evil of sins, and I hardly expect the other two are invincibly ignorant in most matters. Saint Theresa was a sinner, as are we all, indeed, but let’s be careful here.

Making generalized statements without data to back it up is not a great idea, especially if you are trying to convince another person to come to believe your point of view. This happens often when trying to explain to teenagers that a traditional view on sex before marriage is preferable. They will just Google the question and find out for themselves that 90% of the population at age thirty, have engaged in sex and are not emotionally damaged. I think using St. JP the ll rationale concerning this issue is much more honest and more likely to make a difference.:shrug:

And that rationale is…

It’s not a generalized statement, it’s my experience with life. I don’t need data to back it up.

Most young people do not want to hear a papal encyclical or whatever it is your referring to. It generally does not speak to the young people who are questioning the Church’s position or don’t care what Church teaching is. I think it’s best to give them a witness from someone who has seen these things.

Google can also be used to refute something that a pope says. But Google cannot refute someone’s personal story.

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