Waiting on an Annulment


I have come back to the church after too many years. I am married but not in the Church. Both my husband and his ex-wife were not baptised, but he will be so when he can join the Church also. We now live as brother and sister until we can have a sacramental marriage. My question is this: some say I can go to Confession and Communion. Other sites say I cannot since I am married to a man who is still married to his former wife. Why the disconnect? Did I commit adultery by marrying him outside of the Church and do I commit sin everday since everday I wake up I am in an invalid marriage? Since I do intend to marry him and be with him, am I still commiting adultery since if I even think it I am doing it? I love my husband dearly but my love for God comes first!

Back for good!


You are back for good. Good for you! Now to your questions. For a Catholic to marry outside of the Catholic Church is a serious sin in itself—even if both spouses are free to marry. If one of the spouses was validly married previously, then the Church recognizes that marriage as valid until, after due investigation, it should recognize the marriage to be null. To have sexual relations with one who is still married to someone else is considered adultery and is seriously sinful.

So long as you live as brother and sister, have gone to Confession and have no mortal sins on your soul, you are in the state of grace and are free to receive Holy Communion.

I don’t know why a Catholic website who tell you otherwise, since this is the clear teaching of the Church.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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