Waking to Pray


It seems as though since college, I have awaken from deep sleep to a need to pray. However, lazy as I was I would work hard to go back to sleep w/o a prayer one. Now as I’ve gotten older, but it began while I was nursing and I would say the rosary or sing prayers to my infant and toddler. This year I’d been taking otc stuff to stay asleep…but I would still wake up and feel the need to pray.

So now I realize all this time it’s been a need to pray, worship, and maybe my best time to be with God. But wow, this seems likes 25 yrs or so and I just thought I had a sleeping prob. So now I’ve realized the past six months when I pray I go to sleep quicker and my prayer time is not formal, just lying in bed, but it is comforting. Do others experience this? I have spent so many years fighting this and it is strange to me so I am wondering.


I used to wake up in the middle of the night on a regular basis feeling that I was being literally called to prayer, and at those times, prayer was noticeably more intense, with a closer sense of God’s presence than usual. It doesn’t happen often now, but my schedule is such that I need the few hours of sleep I get. A charismatic friend of mine says that God wakes her up with someone on her mind for whom He wants her to pray.

It’s a beautiful opportunity and special, intimate time with God.


If I say a rosary right before bedtime (which is usually when I have time to say one) I will often wake up several times halfway through saying Hail Mary’s, which I guess I must have been saying in my sleep. But with the baby still waking me five or so times a night it’s hard to tell if the other times are me waking because I expect the baby to be waking me and I’m in the habit of it, or if it’s for prayer (which I usually turn it into since I’m already awake!).



**It is a wonderful grace to wake up praying. When I first came back fully surrendered into my faith 8 years ago I would wake every morning around 5 with an urgency to get up and go outside on our deck to sit and pray, read and write. Every morning for more than a year. I could stay up till after midnight and be up at 5 and never feel tired. It is a wonderful gift. This is not happening now.

I do wake with prayer in the morning though. The last thing at night and the first thing in the morning my hand searches for my rosary under my pillow. Just to know it is close by comforts me.

I think that there is an urgency to pray more than ever these days. We are in a time of great spiritual upheavel and it is obvious by the conversions happening. God is good.

God bless you all, c.**


I very often have this same experience (minus the adorable baby).


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