Wal-Mart Cuts Healthcare Benefits

And it has nothing to do with the healthcare reform law Walmart says.

This is just another example of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in this country. I find it sad that a person making $19,000/yr has to pay a $5000 deductible for coverage on the job while people advocate cuts in programs like


After trying to mollify its critics in recent years by offering better health care benefits to its employees, Wal-Mart is substantially rolling back coverage for part-time workers and significantly raising premiums for many full-time staff.

Citing rising costs, Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest private employer, told its employees this week that all future part-time employees who work less than 24 hours a week on average will no longer qualify for any of the company’s health insurance plans.


When businesses are in this situation they have a number of choices

  1. Lower people’s pay
  2. Fire people
  3. Reduce benefits
  4. Raise prices and go out of business (which will result in #2)

Normally it is considered more humain to reduce benefits.

I for one would prefer a cut in pay to retain my health benefits. One major illness could wipe out a person’s savings and earnings.

Young people don’t think that way.

It’s different for a guy who’ll be 70 this December! :slight_smile:

“Over the last few years, we’ve all seen our health care rates increase and it’s probably not a surprise that this year will be no different,” Mr. Rossiter said. “We made the difficult decision to raise rates that will affect our associates’ medical costs. The decisions made were not easy, but they strike a balance between managing costs and providing quality care and coverage.”

As those of us who provide health care for our employees know premiums have increased significantly since Obamacare went into effect. Did they really think you could cover kids up to the age of 26, force coverage of pre-exising conditions and force inclusion of contraception and abortificants in coverage and not see an increase???

So now we are seeng the logical result of this health care plan fiasco and those who imposed the fiasco want to blame those who are prvoviding the coverage???

From the article: “Wal-Mart said that some future part-time workers would not be eligible for its health insurance plans.”

  1. Some
  2. Future
  3. Part-time

Is this something to hyperventilate over?

since Obamacare went into effect.

I thought it wasn’t until 2014.

I’m going through my state’s high risk pool and my premiums are actually declining as more are getting into the pool. Too bad all companies can’t get out of the healthcare benefits system altogether.

Praise God and knock wood, but I’m pretty well off health benefits-wise as a state employee. My wife, in NY, relies entirely on Medicare and given the costs of her cancer treatments, we couldn’t ask for anything better for her.

Or 5. Maybe businesses could be grateful with a bit less profit and those at the top will still be doing well. All the while as a society still being humane to others.

Rich, Arkansas state employees are in good hands still? I agree Medicare is a Godsend. Probably won’t happen in my lifetime the way things are going but I wish Medicare for all. Of course then we would all be under that “socialist” program your wife and everyone else on Medicare is under. :smiley:

On a serious note I pray for your wife’s health. God bless.

It astounds me that people are still so ignorant of what is going down.

Walmart is lying. The whole aim of Obamacare is to have companies drop insurance and for people to get the government insurance.

If you think it will be like Medicare, getting whatever you want, whenever you need it, you need to pinch yourself because you are dreaming.

For a little peek at our future, check out Massachusett’s Universal Health Care. Note that the state is bankrupt, by the way.


Rich, my point was that the state-run insurance programs should be available to all, not just the employees of the state. Actually all insurance companies are regulated by their states anyway, so it only makes sense that states take the cost pressures off of business and offer group insurance pools for everyone. Right now you can’t get group coverage unless you work for someone, and as you’ve pointed out, you’re on the hook if you lose your job.

Arkansas is in pretty good shape, actually was hiring employees.

I agree Medicare is a Godsend. Probably won’t happen in my lifetime the way things are going but I wish Medicare for all.

As do I, and a Godsend is an understatement. Her bills have been so great that I’d be literally impoverished to come anywhere near paying them. She lives in NY and I here because we are separated - not legally, but… things don’t always work out the way young people think they will.

On a serious note I pray for your wife’s health. God bless.

Thanks. It is most welcome.

Perhaps they are already taking a bit less profit.

With the economy going down and the American middle class getting slaughtered by the Illuminati, healthcare and other employment benefits will soon be a thing of the past.

What companies give retirement benefits any more? You’re right. I’m old enough that I’ll not lose health care benefits or SS, but anyone younger? Katy, bar the door!

It’s pretty hard to cut pay for a Walmart worker. The pay increments usually are less the .10 for the average person working there. Yes, a 10 cent raise. Sometimes it’s only 4-6 cents. Even SAm Walton must be rolling over in his grave. At least he bought American.

It’s my understanding that Walmart’s profits are down, as are its sales.

Anybody who employs people, as i do, knows what’s happening to the cost of health insurance. It gets harder and harder to have it at all. And there cannot possibly be any serious doubt that the mandates already in place are contributing to it. Undoubtedly the terrible unemployment and underemployment of younger workers is contributing as well.

Personally, I think we’re in a terrible condition and if Obama is reelected, I don’t think we have even begun to see the damage he and the party he totally owns will do.

Whoever has worked for WM knows this company is not longer the WM of 50 years ago. The successors of Sam Walton are greedy and have given so much power to the " upper management" that oppress the weak and less fitted in the great battle for power.
Religion is a great foe for Catholics, specially @ the Headquarters in Bentonville, AR Because the majority of the workers are protestants -renegade Catholics- there is hostility toward Catholics, even by their own managers who look for excuses to get rid of the employee and replace the position with a protestant or atheist.
My friends were terminated on false grounds and they are denied unemployment because the management team lies to authorities to get their way and get raises for themselves.
I believe today, WM earns the big $ @ the expense of the poor. All is about a narcissist image for America :frowning:

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