Walgreen's supports Susan G Komen


I wasn’t sure where to put this thread, but I figured since most families have to fill a prescription at least a few times a years, I though this would be the best place… Moderators, if it isn’t, please feel free to move this.

In any case, yesterday I got a prescription filled at my local Walgreens, and instead of the normal white cap, it had a pink cap, and a website address. Much to my horror after logging onto this site, I found out that Walgreen’s supports the Susan G Komen foundation. For me, I am somewhat sad, because, though some of the stores have had problems, I have built up a relationship with several of the employees at my local Walgreens (especially the person at the cosmetics counter and the one at the photo store), and now, I cannot in good conscience shop there anymore. I thought there might be others who feel the same way, and who avoid supporting in anyway Planned Parenthood and other groups that support PP, so I thought I would spread the word. Tomorrow is also the ending ceremony for my local 40 Days for Life, and I will be telling everyone I see about this. If anyone else is attending a similar ceremony, please let everyone they see know as well.


Just so you know, this link from the Susan G Komen website states that abortion DOES NOT increase breast cancer risk, by basically stating that the methods used to gather information in the numerous previous studies that proved the link was faulty.

[quote= Susan G Komen website]While numerous case-control studies have suggested that abortion may moderately increase the risk of breast cancer, the nature of these studies makes the accuracy of their results questionable. Case-control studies rely on the reporting of past behavior, and when it comes to a sensitive topic like abortion, this can have a large impact on the precision of the information gathered. The cases in these studies — the women with breast cancer may be much more likely to provide complete information about their abortion history than the controls — the women without breast cancer. Such differences in the completeness of reporting can compromise the accuracy of the study results.


I do not think it is necessary to abandon your pharmacy, although you may feel it is the right thing to do. In today’s society, it is impossible to avoid such a remote material cooperation with abortion. After all, you are not donating to Walgreen’s but paying them for a service. Abortion is so prevelant that almost anything we do can be traced to it at some point.

As far as Susan G Komen, I do not think most people realize that they fund abortions through PP. Giving to them is surely something Catholics need to avoid, but doing business with someone that donates to them is darned near impossible.


They also support “gay games”


A city across the Potomac from us in Maryland a few decades ago voted themselves a “nuclear free zone” and declared that they would not do business with any company that had ties to the nuclear weapons industry.

Turns out they had a hard time buying things for the city, they couldn’t even buy American police cars (Buy American being another requirement) because almost every medium to large company had ties to the nuclear weapons industry or one of their subsidiaries did.

I understand the posters desire, but in today’s world I’m not sure how practical it is. Companies are interrelated, have ties to other organizations, and their owners/shareholders might be using the profits to fund things we don’t agree with. The employees are using salaries for things we don’t agree with. Once you go down that path, I would venture to say you couldn’t buy anything anywhere.

Do what you need to for the most egregious linkages, and leave the rest alone.


Walgreens is not in the business of offending the sensibilities of their customers. Even one letter of complaint to their corporate HQ would speak volumes to them vis a vis their material cooperation with evil. In other words, that one letter will far outweigh, in the minds of the corporate officers, whoever implemented the ill-advised partnership with that organization. They realize that each letter received represents tens of thousands of similar-minded customers who didn’t bother to write but who simply ‘voted with their feet’ so to speak.


Paul, you hit this one out of the park! Great answer, and one that we all should remember.

What does it boil down to? Do your best to avoid the grossly immoral (I have companies that I boycott due to political reasons and moral ones) and don’t feel guilty if you have to buy your meds from Walgreen or something.


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