Walgreens, ugh!


I’ve been frustrated with them before but today just gets me. My doctor’s office called in 4 prescriptions to them. These are the same 4 prescriptions I’ve taken for many months, and Walgreens pharmacist called me to tell me that my insurance will require me to go through the mail order program, or else the prescription would be… $480!:eek: :eek: :eek: It was even more disconcerting that she couldn’t pronounce the prescription and that I had to say it for her.

As mentioned above, I’ve taken these prescriptions for some time, this one in particular for 4 years, and
A . my insurance has never covered it (it’s for infertility); and
B. it has always cost around $50.

I mentioned this to the pharmacist who looked and saw that my Nebraska Walgreens had given me a different brand of the same thing, but she claimed it would still be $480. Their website shows it to cost $51. So, I called my trusty non-walgreens in Omaha and they are shipping it to me for $48.

I’m picking up my other prescriptions at Walgreens in a day or two and I intend to show them the printoff from their website showing the $51 price as well as letting them know that all of my prescriptions are now going to be shipped to me from someone else.

Does anyone else have these problems or is it just me?


I would HIGHLY recommend that you look for another pharmacy. Walgreens was in the news recently–being majorly sued–by customers whose prescriptions were being filled by 16 and 17 yr old cashiers!:eek: And what happened to cause a suit? These kids don’t have a clue…and were getting the scripts all wrong…one little girl is now brain damaged because she was given the wrong meds…and another I think ended up having a stroke. Just my advice.


Oh- I’m totally moving everything. It’s a pain, but the pharmacy that my doctor works with in Omaha (my hometown) will ship everything to me anyway and they are SO easy to work with. Plus their pharmacists and other staff are all well into their 20’s if not 30’s.


I don’t like Walgreens either or CVS. I have had great service with Rite-Aid. I take a lot of meds and all my RX’s are done through Rite-Aid.


I agree with Whatevergirl. Walgreens has a mail order system that they are pushing. If you try another pharmacy that is independent of mail order or such, you will most likely have no problem getting you prescriptions filled locally.


I have had problems with them too. When my insurance changed, they didn’t have it in the system yet, so they said, “Just pay for it, and come back with your reciept tomorrow. It should be in the system by then and we will refund the difference.”

I should never have fallen for that one. The next day it was in the system all right. BUT, they wanted to give me a credit to use for the $89 they owed me. I stood my ground, and got the money but was so upset that I had to raise a fuss to get them to do as they promised me.


My wife has had problems with Walgreens, I am going to have to mention this thread to her and let her explain the situation that she went through, I cannot do it justice.

I will agree that Walgreens has consistently gone down hill when it comes to customer service. It is as if we are putting them out by having them fill our prescriptions. It seems like a process that should take a few minutes always ends up taking 10. Mind you that is after the 30 - 60 minutes they take to fill the perscription.


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