Walk Away’ Founder Refused Service at Manhattan Electronics Store


’Walk Away’ Founder Refused Service at Manhattan Electronics Store

By Celia Farber July 6, 2018 2:50 pm

NEW YORK—Adorama, an electronics store on West 18th St. in Manhattan, bills itself as, “more than just a camera store.” On July 5, the store found itself uncomfortably involved in more than cameras, as it became embroiled in the heated feelings surrounding the Walk Away Movement.

Brandon Straka, the founder of the movement that encourages Democrats to walk away from their party, had gone there to purchase media equipment for his burgeoning role as a mediator between the left and the left’s apostates: Democrats who find themselves on a spectrum from loving President Donald Trump to hating the hatred of Trump and his fans.

Straka, who’d just had a very busy week on national and international television interviews, had spent over an hour carefully selecting equipment he needed in various departments of the multi-tiered mega-store.

The final piece of equipment he needed was a microphone, so he was sent upstairs where he was recognized at the counter by a customer in front of him. “I saw you on Tucker! [the conservative “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show on Fox],” said the excited customer.

“You’re that Walk Away guy!” He wanted to have his picture taken with Straka, and Straka happily obliged. Then the customer left, and Straka told the store clerk what kind of microphone he wanted.

“He stared at me with this kind of dead-pan expression,” Straka told The Epoch Times. “And he said: Are you planning to use this equipment for alt-right purposes?’” . . . .



That came up in another thread. Adorama made clear this isn’t their stance and that the employee has been dealt with.

They’ve got a great selection of video and camera equipment. Along with B&H they are one of the largest online retailers of such equipment. My Canon EOS 5D Mark III came from them. I visited their NYC store last year. They also have a great YouTube camera on photography techniques. If you work with photography it may be worth checking out.


Also from the story . . .

“The Adorama Management Team deeply regrets the incident involving an employee in our store. Please know this is not who we are, and does not reflect the position of our owners or other staff members.

Yes. I am glad Adorama has distanced themselves from this employee too.

We likewise have utilized Adorama products.

This is an amazing portrait lens (tremendous bokeh) . . .



So is the employee fired?

The funny thing about this is that this is Democrats hurting their own. I know the walk away movement is walking away from the the Democrats but there is obviously still some affinity.

This also got me thinking. Since discrimination due to political views is mostly legal people could use this as a proxy for other discrimination. In my state you can look up voter registration online. You could for instance refuse to sell your home to, rent to, employ, serve at a restaurant etc a Democrat but you could really have in mind other discriminatory reasons.


That was never clarified. It was only disclosed that he had been dealt with. The details of the dealings were not made public. It’s probably to the benefit of the employee that his name not be disclosed too. Even if he were fired if his name were disclosed he might find that the controversy surrounding the event to lower the number of job prospects that he has.

Things like this can and have been done. It’s not hard.

Among other things I’ve seen the correlation of entertainment preferences to the type of person that was desired and using that as a hiring requirement for a job. A person whose preferences don’t match simply don’t “fit the culture.”

IBM decided to clear some older workers out of their business. Age discrimination is illegal. But they were able to come up with performance metrics that correlated to age. When they got rid of the people they could say the people simply didn’t measure up to work around the laws on age discrimination.


I think it would only fly if they were white and straight.


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