Walk the Blues of the Crucifixion

He dwelt among them - over two thousand years ago
A larger than life man - today, everyone knows

Jesus, born in a stable, in the town of Bethlehem
A babe, wrapped in swaddling close, the Son of Man
His stepfather Joseph, and his mother, the Virgin Mary
Behold, the infant Jesus, sent to set the captives free

Just an innocent babe - a sign of contradiction
From very beginning - on the road to the crucifixion

At the prime of his life, a young man 33 years old
This man of division, of whom the prophets foretold
He walked among them; he walks with us this day
A message of love, truth, and mercy, paves the way

Just a young man - he suffered much affliction
Continuing his journey - on the road to crucifixion

Betrayed by one of his fold, for thirty pieces of silver
He was handed over, his soul, soon to be delivered
Convicted, beaten, scourged, and forced to carry a tree
He carried his cross, up the hill, on the road to Calvary

He dwelt among them - fulfilling the wise man’s prediction
He, the Shepherd of Israel - on the road to the crucifixion

Thrown down, they drove nails through his hands and feet
Lifted him up, there to die between two convicted thieves
His precious blood dripped, till his mission was completed
Father, please forgive them, they know not what they do

He dwelt among them - he walks with us today
The Savior of the world - did rise on third day

Still today, he continues to be a sign of contradiction
Still today, Christians, walk the blues of the crucifixion

Nicely said!

Yeah, reminds me of Blind Willy Johnson’s “Dark is the Night, Cold is the Ground.” Willy wanted to be a minister and spread the Gospel from an early age. His mother died. His father married again to an unstable woman. She threw lye in Willy’s eyes and blinded him. So he became Blues Gospel musician. His music never caught on widely because it was not dance music. Every song he wrote and played had to do with some aspect of the Christian faith. His house caught fire and burned. He would walk the streets and play street corners. There was a blizzard and he died alone (but not spiritually I’m sure) of being wet and exposure. That song I cited is a Blues moan about the Crucifixion. Willy is one of the best slide quitar players ever. Oh this song is one chosen to be on that Pioneer space probe that has exited the Solar System along with a repleica Leanado DaVinci’s sketch of a man and the position of the sun and the planets.



       I would never suggest playing music with a guitar in Mass.  No offense, to those who do like it.   


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