Walked out on Mass!

Let me preface this by saying although I much prefer the TLM, I go to a fairly ‘liberal’ parish (.25 miles from my house) where I teach sunday school and subsequently attend Mass on sundays. I finished sunday school today and kneeled in a pew to pray - as I did some lovely low music was sung - odd but it was quiet/respectful so okay, good to go. Finished my prayers and got to thinking about how I hoped this new music was a push towards a more reverent mass as we typically have kids singing/band/guitar/girls in too short skirts, political homilies (I know these are different issues but none the less). Then almost as if on queue the drums start, louder and more ‘revved up’ than ever before. My husband and I looked at each other stood up and left (before mass obviously). This is the first time I have ever done this but I couldn’t do it. Just couldn’t participate in a praise and worship service that seemed more fitting for an evangelical or baptist church (in my experience). Don’t get me wrong, I’m only 25 (not that age matters!) and I love some pop music but really? I’m at my wits end. Just couldn’t sit there one more minute!

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I’ve found a solemn mass that I can attend 20 minutes away but this entails teaching sunday school at my current parish then driving for my preferred Mass.

Just had to vent - share any comments/thoughts/ideas.

I hope you found another Mass to attend today.

I love praise and worship music, but not at Mass. I can understand how annoying that can be; however, I could never get up and leave Sunday Mass unless I knew for sure I could get to another Mass.

I know exactly how you feel. One of the reasons I found myself gravitating to an Eastern Catholic church was that I just couldn’t stand walking into a church and seeing huge amplifiers being set up for the electric guitars.

Others here will probably tell you go to anyway, “offer it up”, etc., and that sounds really good. But just so you know, secretly a lot of them probably agree with you and would have walked out too. :wink:

Yep, plenty of other options in Des Moines area. I did feel really bad walking out but it was early enough (at least 15 min before start) that I don’t think anyone thought anything of it. I hope…

What is “Sunday school”? Are you a recent convert from Protestantism? If so, I hope you are converting TO something rather than AWAY FROM something. Those who convert AWAY FROM something often times keep converting away and are eventually just gone.

Also, there is no such thing as a “liberal” parish unless by liberal you traditionally mean generous.


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