Walking Dead Season 7 (spoilers)

Who watched the season premiere of Walking Dead season 7 last night?

Were you surprised who died? Thoughts?

I enjoyed the turn of events, but of course don’t think Rick is fully broken…

Yeah. I was expecting Abraham, not Glenn, although I understand it’s Glenn in the comic. Probably the most grim episode of anything I’ve ever seen. Don’t know how to process the fact that the zombies are no longer the greatest menace to the crew - almost an afterthought.

Yeah I’m never watching again after last night. The humans have been the enemy for a long time and they’ve had some visceral and brutal deaths… but Glenn’s in particular with how emotionally invested we all have become in him as one of the last original characters left, while true to the comic, was too much even for that show. I’m done.

The show is definitely running on the theme that all men have a “heart of darkness” now. When the world breaks down to that point, then I can actually see people doing anything like that to survive. Sure the show is dramatic, but think if all this were to happen, decent people in the world would be fleeting. Try reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy and you get the same vibe.

Personally, I thought it was going to be Maggie.

It was brutal. I knew Glenn was getting it my friend read the Comic Stories and told me Glenn gets rub out. I didn’t expect Abraham to get it and I thought for a minute Glenn might get a reprieve.

I’m a Walking Dead Addict ! I hope Rick gets a hold of " Lucille " and knocks Egan’s head out the ball park.

How Rick is still alive is beyond me. He’s a terrible leader.

I agree. I lost interest around season 3 or 4, it just got to brutal and has got to gory and dark for my liking. Come to think of it…it really has lost its way.

I imagine Daryl is going to be at Negan’s mercy for a while. I’ve read a good bit of the comics. We should be seeing Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva, living in the Kingdom which is the opposite of Negan.

Yep, that is in this season.

I wish the show would address why this all happened, no one even talks about theories anymore since the doctor at the CDC.

The storyline is officially lost now.

Oh yes, thats whats happens eventually will all shows.

Overall though, I think the show is pretty realistic to what would actually happen if such a thing really did happen (or some event that drastically changed society, like an EMP attack, financial collapse, etc)

I can’t believe how much explicit gore and violence there was! I have been a fan since Halloween 6 years ago when TWD premiered, but I think as they’ve become more popular they have decided to go the cheap thrill way of shock and gore. Plus spoilers I was very upset and cried when Glenn died. After all the teasing from last season they should have let him live.

Poor Maggie. First her mom, then dad, then her sister, then her husband, and now it really looks like she’s going to miscarry. It’s like the show hates her.

Yeah that whole “is Glenn really dead???” story arc feels cheap and manipulative now.

Though that’s kind of how the whole show is.

Will Rick die next? After all he is the last remaining character left!

Don’t forget Carl!

I’ve been wondering about an endpoint to this show. I read where they just now approved another season for next year.

The trouble with the zombie stuff is, there is never an endgame.

There is no way they will ever kill Rick or Daryl, they are both the stars and money makers!

No way, Rick lives on if anything as historian of the group. I have my doubts on him leading his group in the short run. He’s been broken by Kayan. I think of Rick almost like Cool Hand Luke. If you saw the movie Coolhand Luke, Luke was broken by the Prison Warden. The Warden telling Luke " What we have here is a failure to Communicate " He was broken so bad, when he was given an order by a guard to fetch something he would say “Yes Boss” and would run and fetch and say “anything else Boss”. Luke fellow prisoners who looked up to him as someone who could not be broken turned on him. In the end Luke could not be broken, stole a prison truck and ran again. In the end I think Rick will do the same.

That’s right! How could I forget daryl too! :smirk:

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