Walking down the aisle alone?


Hi everybody,

As some of you know based on my previous posts, it seems that my parents and virtually no one from my family will come to our wedding this fall. Hence, I am being forced to perhaps walk the aisle alone. Has anybody here had to walk the aisle alone? Any tips? Any recommendations/suggestions/ideas?


can you walk down with your s-t-b husband? :slight_smile:


actually there was a lot of family animosity surrounding our wedding and we did not have any kind of procession, bride, groom and witnesses simply gathered in front of the altar.

or you and groom can process with the priest and other ministers


My mom’s dad was deceased when she got married and she wasn’t close to any of her other male relatives, so she just walked down the aisle with my dad. :thumbsup:

My dad walked me down the aisle, but if he hadn’t been able to, I would have either walked down alone or with DH. :slight_smile:


What about other relatives? Brother? Uncle? Grandfather? Future FIL? Or even the Groom himself?

How you get there isn’t important in the grand scheme of things! :slight_smile:


In a traditional Catholic wedding the couple walks together to show that they are freely making this choice to spend their lives together… dh and I walked up together… mom was miffed, but she got over it.


Thanks for everybody’s responses!

My parents have threatened pretty much my whole family to cut family ties if they attended the wedding :frowning: So, not even my little brother will be there…

My fiance mentioned that the whole thing of walking down the aisle with your dad or another relative was not necessarily a Catholic tradition echoing what was said above… but I know my fiance has mentioned many times that he dreams of seeing me walking down the aisle, because he knows he’s going to choke up, so… I don’t know if I can take that dream away from him :slight_smile:


Then walk down alone! :thumbsup: Seeing my DH’s face as I walked down the aisle toward him is a beautiful memory from my wedding…:love:


I agree, walk down the aisle alone. There is nothing wrong with that. I remember my DH’s face! He looked so very happy.

Both of my brother’s walked me down the aisle! My dad hasn’t been in my life since I was eight. I did invite him, he didn’t show shrug He wouldn’t have given me away anyway.


:hug1: I just wanted to give you a hug, and say how sorry I am that your family is acting this way. It must be hard to have what is supposed to be such a joyous occasion for everybody is marked by discord.:frowning: I know that it must be really hard not to take it personally, but the fact of the matter is. This is their problem. I know it will not be easy, but I pray your wedding will be blessed with the joy of the Holy Spirit, and the peace which surpasses all understanding. May many blessings be in store for your marriage.:thumbsup:

ETA: I just wanted to put my vote in for walking down the aisle alone. It will be beautiful for pictures and YES it is so special to see the look on your lovers face as you walk down. It was the first (thought not the last) time I saw tears in his eyes.


How about your future FIL or your confirmation sponsor?


My wife walked alone because her whole family boycotted the wedding because she became Catholic and married a cro-mag like me. It hurt my wife, and she was embarrassed, but she held her head up high and walked anyway. Now it’s her family’s loss. They never got to see their beautiful daughter take her vows. Eventually, when they pull their heads out from where the sun doesn’t shine, and I’m not talking about Seattle, they’ll have to learn to live with the regret.

Don’t worry–you’ll be fine and eventually you’ll be able to put the moment into some perspective. Marriage, after all, is more than a wedding. :wink:


That’s what the Rite of Marriage says…That the B&G walk in procession up the aisle (you walk down it after you are married)…Not that Blest’s mother got over it…


I’m so sorry to hear that your family won’t be attending your wedding.

DF and I have discussed this and we’re thinking of doing one of two options, both of which involve the two of us greeting the guests at the doors of the church:

In one option our parents are seated and we walk in together.

In the other option we each process in accompanied by both of our parents.

I personally prefer the first option. My dad will be there and we’re close, but we don’t have the kind of father/daughter relationship where either of us would be heartbroken by breaking with “tradition.”

So as PPs said, you can walk by yourself, walk with DF or perhaps find someone who is like a father figure to you to accompany you down the aisle.


My future sister in law is having her brother as her " best brother" Her father will walk her down the aisle, but her bro will stand up for her. Perhaps you have a “good friend” who would escort you??


Straighten your back, head up nice and high, when the music starts put one foot in front of the other, keep doing that till your reach the groom. And look beautiful.


Sorry about your family. I agree with the poster who said they may come to regret not seeing their lovely daughter make her vows. It’s easy for us to say “their loss”, I know, but it’s true. We’ve had family events without certain members and while we might have been sad, better to be sad that uptight with tension waiting for somebody to ruin it for everybody.


I was thinking the same thing. When I got married, my Dad wasn’t really in the picture, so I had my sister (who has always been like a 2nd mother to me) walk me down the aisle. Maybe a good friend, someone that you are close to could do it. I’m sure they would be more than honored. Otherwise, I’d definitely walk down the aisle alone. Like a PP said, the wedding is just one day - it’s the marriage that counts! :thumbsup:

Good luck to you both and God Bless.


What about an escort from the best man/maid of honor?


Walk down the Aisle yourself and give yourself away. I walked down the aisle by myself as my father and I are estranged. It was fine, and the pictures look like the scene from “The Sound of Music” where Maria walks down the Aisle alone.


DH and I walked together at the suggestion of our priest. That was 21 years ago. :smiley:

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