Walks in, looks around-----

hmmmnnnn---- Nothing happening. :confused: :amen:

[quote=Jerusha]hmmmnnnn---- Nothing happening. :confused: :amen:

The forum was inaccessible for several days. Also it’s high summer and some folks may be away for vacations.

True. Or the LDS people may be regrouping after all the info they have received. I hope their church dosen’t tell them this is a no-no place to post, like exmormon.

Or, like me, they are haveing trouble actually getting a post through (if this makes it).

I don’t know how experienced y’all are with Internet fora, but you just can’t have a forum with 25,000+ members without having problems. I’ve been impressed with the lack of them so far.

Edit - P.S. I notice the most members ever online was on April 19. I wonder what the big fuss was then? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:smiley: Here is the official document:



Just my opine, but from my experience at ZLMB, I don’t think the local mormons are “licking their wounds”, but are prolly just busy elsewhere.

I hope so. My finding Fr. JG Alleman might have hit a sore nerve. They may be looking for information on him. Personally, I think Peoria ought to be looking at him more seriously than Sheen as someone to sponsor for canonization. Definitely stronger in the humility department.

Do they use the same names at FAIR? Can you give me the link for ZLMB?

Can you give me the link for ZLMB?

Don’t worry-- I found it. :wink: Looks like something between exmo and FAIR. Good place.

Lots of goings-on in Utah lately, with Hinkley’s birthday, and the anniversary of the arrival there.I got ZLMB, The Foyer, and exmo on my favorites now. FAIR is an intellectual wasteland.

Sweeps floor, puts flowers on table, vacuums sofa and chairs. We need to be (relatively) nice to our guests.

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: Gets coffee started. :wink:

I’ve been putting a yard in which has been much more work than I anticipated and also driving kids around to sundry summer activities. Also, half the time I have a minute the server is down.

Glad to see you back.

:slight_smile: :cool: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: Fresh coffee.

The quality of this debate is amazing. Far beyond my limited knowlege. I hope many people are learning from it.

Good work, guys.

Cheerleading from the sidelines.

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