Wall St. Journal: House Health Care Bill Has Tax-Funded Abortions

Washington, DC – The Wall St. Journal is the latest mainstream media outlet to confirm what pro-life advocates have been saying for months. It has acknowledged that the House version of the government-run health care plan allows for taxpayer financing of abortions.


I’m not American so can’t vote these people in or out, but this is how the vote broke down when passing that amendment:


Maybe publicise this as much as you can so that Catholics would not vote for politicians who have a proven track record of supporting abortion.

Yes, public funding of abortion will result from the house bill. Cardinal Rigali expressly made that point in a recent letter to congress. The administration has been trying to claim that this is a ‘fabrication,’ but it isn’t.

Abortion funding could easily be excluded from the healthcare bill for the sake of getting it passed. But I doubt that will happen, as many big-money supporters of the administration such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL would scream in outrage if a bill were to be passed without abortion funding.

At present the funding in the House bill would be trumped by the existing law that prohibits funding for abortion, which President Obama has said he does not anticipate changing.

That’s not what the USCCB says. Here is Cardinal Rigali’s letter: usccb.org/prolife/CardRigaliHealthCareReformLetter-08-11-09.pdf

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