Wall St. underwater: rising seas to hit NY hard

Guess we are all in trouble in more ways than one with Wall Street difficulties.

"Wall St. underwater: rising seas to hit NY hard

A predicted slowdown in Atlantic Ocean currents will cause sea levels along the US northeast coast to rise twice as fast as the global average, exposing New York and other big cities to violent and frequent storm surges, according to a new study.

Manhattan’s Wall Street, barely a metre (three feet) above sea level, for example, will find itself underwater more often as the 21st century unfolds, said the study, published online Sunday in Nature Geoscience." …

Source and full article: terradaily.com/reports/Wall_St._underwater_rising_seas_to_hit_NY_hard_999.html

In a hundred years, roughly. It’s going to be rough for a few places, like low-lying islands and so on, but it’s the least of our worries for now.

Increasingly arid conditions in the West, and more severe hurricanes on the Gulf coast will be far more disruptive for the immediate future.

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