Wall Street whistleblower calls Clinton Foundation "charity fraud"



A Wall Street whistleblower has found a new target for investigation of financial irregularities, and it’s bad news for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Financial advisor Charles Ortel has taken on the Clinton Foundation and says that based on the records he’s found, the organization has been operating in a “boldly illegal” fashion, going as far as to say that “this is a charity fraud.”

Ortel has spent 15 months looking at public records, donor disclosures, and tax filings for all of the Foundation’s projects, including the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Ortel plans to release 40 reports on what he found on his website, and he claims those reports will prove that the Clinton Foundation has never had to comply with legal requirements to verify their financial claims with independent accountants. Because of this, there is no way to trace billions of dollars sent to the Clinton foundation since 2000 because of the noncompliance with state laws regarding fundraising registration, disclosure requirements, and auditing rules.

This latest potential scandal for the Clinton Foundation adds to the alleged ties of offering arms deals in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Over $165 billion worth of arms sales were approved to countries donating to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary’s tenure. This went on despite concerns raised by Senator Richard Lugar, who asked the Clintons to decline foreign donations while Hillary was Secretary of State because of potential conflicts of interest, according to International Business Times.


Why do you think the sec. of State needed a private server to conduct all her business? Oh… maybe to hide the biggest globalized industrial scale shakedown in HISTORY!!!
Damn, must feel good to be a Clinton. Don’t have to answer for anything.


If true, the level of lies, deceit and evil perpetrated by this woman is no less than horrifying! And she might be our next President! :mad:

But why is he posting this on his website and not taking it to the FBI?


And people STILL think she’s a great candidate.
nope. :nope:


The FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation which was released to the media in January


The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws, three intelligence sources not authorized to speak on the record [said].

The above financial inquiry began last year 2015 by Ortel who is a wall street finance analyst and does much of his research as a hobby, he said he was posting all the findings on his sight, why they don’t intersect I don’t know. They may in the near future.

As for Ortel, he began looking into the Clinton Foundation’s finances and other dealings in February 2015.

“I decided, as I did with GE, let’s pick one that’s complicated,” said Ortel. “The Clinton Foundation is complicated, but it’s really very small compared to GE.”

When he tried to match the foundation’s tax filings with disclosure reports from major donors, he said he began to find “discrepancies.”

“I decided it would be fun to cross-check what their donors thought they did when they donated to the Clinton Foundation, and that’s when I got really irritated,” he said. “There are massive discrepancies between what some of the major donors say they gave to the Clinton Foundation to do, and what the Clinton Foundation said what they got from the donors and what they did with it.”



I will say it again: this the best candidate the Democrats can come up with? This is Very sad state for our country.

(And before anyone jumps all over me, I said the same thing about the Republicans elsewhere, so let’s not get started down that road. This thread is about the Clinton Foundation.)


Yes, but they probably don’t get their news from Inquistr.com


Surprise, surprise, surprise!


Can we go without a president for the next 4 years? I’m not joking on this one anymore!


Do they need to?
If the American public are even the least bit interested in the morality of leadership they might be aware of her history.
All you have to do is watch any news channel, read any paper, or be online to any extent.




Boy that’s goin’ back in the day!:smiley:


As has been stated, it’s not like this information hasn’t been out there. There’s also a book, don’t recall the name with the same topic. This Summer Dinesh D’Souza will be releasing his “Hillary’s America” which I am sure will have similar information.

It’s not that it isn’t bad, but those who are voting for her have already decided no level of corruption will sway them. It’s about promoting the humanistic ideology, as such the means, whatever it may take, justify the ends.

Read Saul Alinski’s “Rule for Radicals” for a more in depth look at the strategy and moral norms of their philosophy.

Thank for posting.


It seems that one end of the spectrum is interested in morality in leadership, and the other is not. Some pols are run out of town on a rail for minor transgressions; others ride a small wave of publicity and keep on keep in’ on. When one has a moral foundation of relativity, the only sin is hypocrisy on the part of those who enunciate standards.


She is such a liar, and this is not a pejorative, but merely a description of her as she has lied repeatedly, with ill intent.

She takes not having an ounce of integrity, honesty or care for anyone but herself to a level never seen in politics, and that is saying a lot, coming on the heels of that foul stench of B.O. we all smell.

Yet even on here, you have posters who lap up what she says and swear by her as a candidate, even ones claiming to care about serious moral issues, though the proof is generally in the pudding. It should be no surprise she has people who swear by her no matter what.

In terms of the beliefs you espouse, when you’ve figuratively sold your soul to the devil on issues like the defense of marriage and the killing of children in the womb, it is no wonder you have legions of followers, much the same way priests of Moloch had legions of followers too.

Anecdotally, in Trump’s case, his support in many cases is from the “anyone but Hillary” crowd, especially on here.

There are only one or two posters who have been diehard Trumpets from the beginning. In Shillary’s case, you gets a lot of folks with impassioned defenses of her. Same in the public sphere. I have more respect for anyone who is voting for her because of an “anyone but Trump” mentality than I do for people who actually try and defend her on her merits.


Is anyone REALLY surprised by this?


I wish I could say yes, but I realized a long time ago that when it comes to politics and politicians, it can always get worse. Now, every time it gets worse that little voice in the back of my head goes “told you so…”


Some people think they are way above the law and others let them do it. And the “little guy” gets the book thrown at him for something very minor. God Bless, Memaw




Maybe he has. We don’t know what the FBI has.

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