Wallet-sized card with scriptural defense of Catholicism?


I thought I read about a wallet-sized card one could carry with them that had “quick lookups” to scripture to answer Where is that in the Bible-type questions. Does anyone know of something printable like that or available for purchase? Thanks!


interested to see if theres an answer


Apostles Creed Prayer Cards

If you can explain you have a good start on explaining the faith.


“This Rock” use to have them. I had several at one time.


Here ya go…

St Joseph’s apologetic bible verse cards.

Google it—there is a set for $12.95



If you need a cue card or teleprompter and have no passion in your heart for the thing,
Why use a crutch like that?

Take an RCIA class or a bible class or something- anything. Anything to motivate you to the place where you no longer need a cue card.
It's a sad day when a Catholic thinks a cue card will be a defense of the Catholic Church.


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