Wallsend mum's heartbreaking decision to terminate her baby or risk her own life


Pregnant Lisa Davison faced every expectant mum’s worst nightmare - terminate her unborn child or risk dying.

When doctors discovered a blood clot in her womb larger then her developing baby, Lisa was left with the heartbreaking decision.

She said: “They took me in a room and said I would have to make the choice because we were both so very poorly.”



I’m glad the best came from it! But, I also refuse to judge this lady’s actions one way or the other. I can commend her courage and conviction to save this baby. I can also understand her choosing not to have the baby, based on the best information she had, so that her other two children didn’t lose their mother or she didn’t die.


Glad they’re both doing well. Like the previous poster, I would not judge her if she had made a different decision, but for a different reason. If the loss of blood was endangering her life, it would not have been immoral to go in and stop the bleeding - even if that meant delivering the baby before it had the ability to survive.


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