WALSH: Biden Endorses The Idea That 8-Year-Olds Can Choose Their Gender, Proving That He Is Owned By The Radical Left

She’s not a Catholic

Transgender is not another gender.


it is a catholic forum and sometimes my answers are for the wider audience.

how many genders are there? some list between 25 and 63 terms, Joe limits it to 3 God created 2, yeah, I’m confused. I try to go with God



Yeh, I took this advice and voted for Rauner, a Republican Illinois Governor, who signed a bill funding abortions. Right away we had a fourfold increase in the number of abortions. And that’s on my conscience so excuse me for not taking such advice (voting for party platforms) in the future. Maybe voting pro status quo is safer, I don’t know.

yeh, you mentioned it, a few times

Biden will legalize it when he codifies it into law, states won’t be able to govern it on their own.

don’t worry Biden will fund it federally and worldwide.

or should I say the taxpayer will pay for it and that is on my mind.


rather uncharitable, I should take offense but it is the internet

I’ve been attacked before when people can’t explain their position. I stand by what I said above

I did and I read Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict, there are no proportionate reasons for all the anti-catholic policies of the democrats.

still waiting for someone to tell me

what is this more important thing that makes all these anti-catholic policies acceptable to support through my vote?

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No, it is the truth. You said you read it, so you know what reasons others may find more important when making a decision on who to vote for. To ask me indicates you haven’t read it.

I don’t have to explain my position to you. You are welcome to use your well-formed conscience on who to vote for, as I am.

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The budget isn’t that simple. Both sides have to agree to it, and even then it isn’t binding. And I’ll bet he will meet heavy resistance if he tries to raise taxes at the same time he tries to fund abortions.

it does not list what people find more important, that concept is different with each individual, which is why I asked.

what is this more important thing that makes all these anti-catholic policies acceptable to support through my vote?

the bishops prioritized abortion, I included the rest of the anti-catholic agenda of the democrats.

you don’t.

I thought you may have a good enough reason I hadn’t thought of, I guess not.

I just listen to what he and other Democrats say they will do

should I not believe what he says? should I not think he will work to accomplish his campaign promises?

why say all this if he doesn’t mean it? does he really mean 8-year-olds can choose or not

why so many excuses for him?

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Right, so we agree that it is up to an individual to weight the issues that the bishops list when making a decision on who to vote for. So when you ask,

then it may be different for different individuals.

I don’t, eh? How very charitable of you.

BabyWitch . . .

God forbid a child gets to decide their identity for themselves instead of society doing it for them.

You neglected to mention that they have got to be allowed to be born first before they can make any decisions about anything.

(Your premise has a built-in [false] presupposition that the pre-born baby is not a full person until it is born.)


To the readers here:

This is WHY the issue of being born is the preeminent right.

Because if you are not allowed to be born, no other “policies” matter (if you are murdered).

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Because that’s what his base WANTS to hear. He’s learned to be a politician.

Answer me this, Is it Trump the man you all despise or is it his policies? The level of animous towards Trump is irrational to the extent that it seems so many are willing to give away the freedoms and ideals upon which this country was formed just for revenge sake. I cannot fathom anybody wanting what the Dems are offering ,Joe Biden is just a stooge for the left


Because God does not change.
Aligning ourselves with an unchanging truth means that our moral decisions will become more alike.


Your question fails on it’s premise. What ever feelings I might have, the word “despise” does not describe them.

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This is both uncharitable and wrong.

I am not placing God anywhere.

I expect an apology.

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Is abortion a ‘moral gray area”?

This whole ‘moral gray’ area idea seems designed to change any absolute truth into a relative one. You know, something that might be ‘wrong for you, but OK for me”, or something that’s situationally ethically ‘gray’.

It just doesn’t seem very. . .Catholic. Christian.


How is it wrong? You are claiming everyone in a moral gray area should come to the same conclusion and are applying it to partisan politics. Hence, you are making God a Republican or a Democrat. It’s very sad to see.


Are you claiming that one party follows Catholic values absolutely 100% and the other not at all? If so, state so. If not, it’s a moral gray area.


some things can’t be different (bold mine)
Pope Emeritus Benedict:

“Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia… there may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia.”

Ms. Clark uses prudential judgment, but this applies to your “it can be different for different people”, it really can’t where Catholic policy is involved, all Catholics have the same policy.

To say that something is a matter of prudential judgment does not mean that I decide for me, you decide for you, and it doesn’t matter if we disagree – it’s “prudential judgment.” All of our judgments must be examined in the light of truth and the Gospel. All of our judgments require a rigorous process of conscience formation in which we gather all relevant information, examine in detail the context, learn and consider the applicable Christian tradition and teachings before we can make a prudential judgment. Prudential judgment should not be understood in a modern voluntaristic way; it should be understood within this framework of the good, truth, and formation of conscience. (Meghan Clark)

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what does this say about his base?

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