Walt Disney World monorail crash kills employee [AP]

Hey, have you guys seen this today? My husband works for Disney, not at the Orlando location, but here in Tampa. No details are being released, but I find it ironic that something like this happens in the middle of layoffs and a slumping economy. My husband has worked a lot of hours because they have laid off a lot of his coworkers, and I imagine that is the same in other depts too. I just get the sense that these poor drivers were either undertrained, or the equipment wasn’t checked properly, or these drivers were just plain old tired. Disney is so careful of everything it puts out to the public, it will be interesting what they end up stating after a thorough investigation :frowning:


Its both tragic and puzzling.

Piloting monorail trains at Walt Disney World had been Austin Wuennenberg’s dream job. He talked about it all the time after joining Disney three years ago and worked doggedly to earn the opportunity to do it, co-worker Shannon Feldman recalled.

Word that Wuennenberg, 21, died Sunday in a crash of two trains at the world-famous resort left her and other friends stunned. A college student from Kissimmee, Wuennenberg had always been so smart, so good at his job and so diligent about not making mistakes, she said.

“It’s shocking it happened,” Feldman said, “but it’s even more shocking it happened to him. He was keen on safety.”


The trains apparently have data recorders, so I guess we will have to wait and see what the cause was.

it seems like there have been several deaths at the Disney parks over the past 5 years or so. this accident is very strange. was the park closed when it happened? i thought it happened early in the morning - around 2. it was a busy weekend and i haven’t had time to read any newspapers.

i guess Disney used to be good at keeping problems at the park hush hush - but, that is kind of hard to do anymore.

too bad for this young man, if this was his dream job.

Boy, that is sad, such a young life. It will be interesting to see what the safety report shows.

The recent crash of two washington dc metro trainins immediately came to mind when I heard of this. In DC it so far appears not to be driver error at all, but a malfunction of the train because of age. The operator of that train was also killed and her funeral was just the other day.

the same thing came to my mind also. this was a head on crash and that one the train hit the back of the other one. hope there won’t be a 3rd crash. you know what they say about things that happen in 3’s. it seems like a dangerous job where you need to be very alert at all times. i remember the horrible train crash in california not long ago where one of the engineers was thought to have been texting and missed a red light. i wonder what they will find to be the cause of this accident.

*My husband doesn’t know any details, Disney is nowhere to be found for comment. Just talked to my husband, and he said no one is even talking about it in his dept, and the monorail is up and running. From what he gathered, the monorails were running late because it was 4th of July, getting people back to hotels, etc…and the one train should have been in its hub, instead it was sitting on the wrong track, when the driver came in that way. So sad! :frowning: *

Disney World worker is third to die since July
Wednesday, August 19, 2009 3:02 AM
By Willoughby Mariano and Walter Pacheco

The Orlando Sentinel
ORLANDO, Fla. – A Walt Disney World employee died Monday night after an accident at Hollywood Studios."…

Full article here: dispatch.com/live/content/national_world/stories/2009/08/19/disney_accident.ART_ART_08-19-09_A2_KGEQEBN.html?sid=101

Praying for the man and his family.

I don’t know what is going on at Disney. I’ve read about all these accidents as news comes out. I just hope this is the last accident to occur for a long, long, long time. My family and I had a magical trip there in May. I’ve been there a number of times in my life and it saddens me to think about such tragedy in a place that is usually so happy.

*I know Swizzle…it is odd. My dh told me about this…he works there, and it has been very strange, indeed. :frowning: Prayers for the families too. *

I thought Disney had a great safety record, so three accidents one right after another is really odd. I hope this is the last and no more for years and years and that Disney cast members, your hubby included, of course, and guests stay safe.:slight_smile:

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