Walter Mondale backs decision to pay a woman less


Former Vice President Walter Mondale testified in U.S. District Court in St. Paul Thursday, defending his decision to pay a woman $30,000 less than a man at the Norwegian Consulate in Minnesota, when he was honorary consul general.

In a civil trial that entered its fourth day, Mondale insisted the jobs were not comparable and the wage discrepancy was not due to gender, even though he later cowrote a strongly worded letter to the Norwegian ambassador in an unsuccessful effort to get the woman’s wages raised.

The woman, Ellen Ewald, 55, is suing Norway, claiming gender discrimination. She was paid $70,000 a year when she worked for the revamped consulate from 2009 to 2011, responsible for building stronger educational ties between Norway and Minnesota.


Walter Mondale?? That is a name I haven’t heard in awhile. Honestly, I thought he had died. It turns out he is 86 years old, and very much alive. However, after reading the news article, I wonder if he is as sharp as he used to be.


What?! Is a former Democratic Presidential candidate telling us that it’s not about gender, but the job (and skills the persons has)?!

Say it ain’t so! :rolleyes:


Well, when one isn’t running for office, the façade is less important. :wink:



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