Wanna new Narnia book (fan fic project?)

I would like to go a bit of ‘market research.’ I hope you can help me out. I am asking if there was a new ‘Narnia’ book produced by a fan writer would you be interested in reading yourself and/or to your children?

I’ll explain:

I have in mind a fan fiction venture. Now, I know just how awful fan-fic can be and the current stuff online, such as it exists, is pretty weak and self referential. But I have in mind a complete book of the same length as the originals with the same tone, style, language, magic, talking animals, fantastic places, Aslan and, of course, Christian themes.

This would be available completely free as a fan fiction project purely as an extra story for parents to read to their children or to give their children to read.

My plan is to have Aslan bring to life a new world (a Narnia clone) into which a brother and sister of totally different outlooks are brought into.

My reasons for considering this are as follows:

  1. In Western Culture (especially England!) innocence is children is being crushed and everything that keeps innocence and wonder is to be welcomed. (This could be my ‘candle in the darkness.’)
  2. “The Last battle” was published in 1956. The West (again, England especially,) has had a complete social revolution since then! So the characters from our world, while charming, are no longer anything like the children of our time. Furthermore C.S. Lewis closed the door on the Narnia series so there is clearly no way back. Chronologically, therefore, there is no way to Narnia for children of today. Lewis literally killed it! So now, when we MOST need the wonder and innocence of Narnia and the moral leading of Aslan, it’s closed to our generation. So I want to bring the hope of an escape to an innocent realm (in which there is delight, charm, honour and right and wrong, with, of course, Aslan) to children who live today.
  3. Logically, for a Narnia story to carry on the legend at all requires a new world. It would be “Narnia – the next generation.” I want also to open the door to the wonder of a Narnia like world, complete with Aslan, for children who live in broken homes, who are assaulted by ‘education’ in our schools and pushed into sexualisation, and give them a taste of Narnia. (It is also here that new subplots come into play and the lessons of Narnia come home to our world.) But not in gritty style. (Think “The Magician’s Nephew.”)
  4. Lewis stated that he felt he had written everything of interest about Narnia. I think he was right. But I feel there is room now for a story or two in our time which does open up room for new plots. The world has changed and Aslan is needed in our time.
  5. I know there is an argument about writing a new series rather than carrying on another line but, with Narnia, I feel there’s instant brand recognition, there’s a love of the tales, parents can feel safe with the stories and, as the BBC found with ‘Dr Who’ some ideas just can’t be replaced.
  6. RTD took Dr Who, my one time favourite TV program and turned it into pro-gay, anti-religious propaganda. I’m now sensitive how family is being assaulted and innocence destroyed. (The new ‘Knight Rider’ pilot involves a Lesbian scene. Of course it does…) I can’t save Dr Who but I can fight back with another popular series.

I have done a quick feasibility study by writing a scene to see if I could get the style and rhythm correct and, of course, make it charming. It’s just under 3 A4 pages. Initial feedback is extremely positive. I do think I can pull this one off. I know how crass this can sound, “Bringing Narnia into the 21st Century” always brings fears of grittiness, angst and ‘social issues.’” That’s not my intention. I wanna take the Narnia world, ‘reboot it’ and carry on the charm using the same writing style as Lewis.

Of course, I may never finish it. I haven’t really started. I have recently got married. But I am trained as a fiction writer to professional standard. I’m now checking demand. I would also request permission from the Lewis Estate. They may prevent me proceeding but most fan fiction is allowed where there is no profit involved and where copyrights are credited.

I’m banking on a love of the Narnia books here and a desperation for innocent, Christian reading for children. I could be wrong. Would you like to see another Narnia book? (OK, the world has another name but it’s same difference!) or is it just too horrible to think about? I do repeat, this would be an absolute re-rendering of the original Lewis style, not today’s angst ridden stuff.

If the idea is unthinkable I’ll drop it. I won’t waste time. If it’s popular I’ll give it a shot.

Over to you! :slight_smile:

I’d read it!

I’d definitely be skeptical if I saw a book called “Narnia: the Next Generation” :stuck_out_tongue: But from the way you’ve described how you want to write it, I would probably give it a shot. You seem to have a love for the original series, and a love for Christianity and Christian children… so I’m guessing you wouldn’t botch it up. :thumbsup: So, yeah, I’d read it.

I agree with Pumpkin that I would be skeptical if I saw that title, but yes, I would read it. I love, love, love the Narnia books and the child in me wishes that it hadn’t ended. Sometimes I still wish I could get to Narnia. :o

no I hate fan books in general, from Sherlock Holmes pastiches to the dreadful “sequel” to Gone with the Wind, to the atrocious liberties taken by Jane Austen fan writers, to fake Rex Stout books, and Laura Ingalls Wilder rip-offs.

Well, if it’s any help, my very provisional title (hey, I worked out the plot fully yet!) is “The Sapphire Mountains.” How does that sound? :slight_smile: I can assure you that, if this flies, I will be writing for the child in me!

75% in favour. Anyone else?

^^ Sorry that should read I haven’t worked out the plot yet! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I just had to add this.

I’ve just worked out my ‘Reepicheep’ character! You know, the animal that steals every scene he’s in!


I can definitely give that title a :thumbsup:

I’m sorry, but a love of Christianity and the Narnia series does not guarantee that it wouldn’t be “botched up”, as someone else has said.

I, for one, despise fan fiction – regardless of how well it’s written – merely because it is fan fiction. I kind of feel like saying, “OK – but write your own story” when I see it.

I wish you luck, but I frankly think a writer ought to appy him/herself to original work. Bring out your Christian values in a story of your own creation.


I RETIRED from original stories to work on fanfic. It’s playtime for me.

I’d say go for it, jedi! :thumbsup:

OK, it’s gone quiet. If anyone else has an opinion please make it known! I won’t be bumping the thread. If there are no more comments I’ll hold here. I’ll talk to spiritual director as well. It would be huge fun to do though and I love the ‘Reepicheep’ character I’ve thought of!

But I will add something else, something unconscious which has come out into the conscience as to why I want to write this.

The UK is in a far worst state spiritually than the US understands. Christian expression is fast being made illegal here.

As a note on this: news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7128500.stm

For a number of reasons I am convinced active persecution of Christians in the UK is a given. I won’t explain my reasoning here but I will sat that our children are ALREADY being assaulted from every side to reject Christianity and embrace sexualised hedonism. Laws already make proclaiming Christian morality effectively illegal in schools. The horror stories of government legislation are legion. Look here for the info: christian.org.uk/home.htm

Anyway, there is no better representation of Jesus in a form Children can get behind and ally with (and empathise with) than Aslan. I notice how Conservative Anglicans embroiled in battles with the (now institutionally non-Christian) Episcopal Church refer to their allegiance to Aslan. It was in seeing that that I registered just how powerful the image of Aslan was to people.

I see a future in which the Bible is banned, the Narnia tales banned, children are made to go to day school to be taught atheism, sex practices while the parents are forced to choose whether they have decent paying jobs or ones they can do in conscience. (It’s already been established that you can’t be a Christian and have a job in any form of civil service. Soon nurses will be forced to carry out abortions. The moral climate is starting to squeeze Christians out of areas of work.)

I am looking to a future in which a contemporary ‘Narnia’ tale which can be distributed free in electronic form would allow and escape from children from secular indoctrination and a hope for some to rally around the standard of Aslan.

It is quite interesting to see how Aslan is used as a figure on ‘Stand firm in faith.’ But it’s only one example.


Jay Anthony wrote on the other thread, “Talk about a rollercoaster ride. ++Anis speaks clearly and eloquently. Our hopes ride high. The ABC speaks of comprimise and dialogue, bringing us back down to the reality of the situation.” I certainly did not expect anything different from the ABC. But I do not despair at all. Aslan is on the move and the ABC’s dithering and appeasement of the revisionists can’t stop Him. Will the communion come apart because of the ABC’s non-leadership? No. Well, perhaps some; enough to separate officially which is already the case unofficially, i.e., separating the “walked apart” TEC from the faithful. Will it be transformed? Yes. And just as in Tanzania, the ABC will procrastinate but in the end will side with the faithful as well. And as in Tanzania, we need to stand with those leaders of the Anglican Communion who made the communique possible.


Bishop Bob stands with Aslan …
God bless you, Sir …

Aslan is on the move!

I might be unfairly putting the stink on KJS, but AngliCanDo got me thinking about The Queen of Underland.
“…Well, ‘tis a pretty make-believe, though, to say truth, it would suit you all better if you were younger. And look how you can put nothing into your make-believe without copying it from the real world, this world of mine, which is the only world. But even you children are too old for such play. As for you, my lord Prince, that art a man full grown, fie upon you! Are you not ashamed of such toys? Come, all of you. Put away these childish tricks. I have work for you all in the real world. There is no Narnia, no Overworld, no sky, no sun, no Aslan. And now, to bed all. And let us begin a wiser life tomorrow. But first, to bed; to sleep; deep sleep, soft pillows, sleep without foolish dreams.”

I’m not just thinking story I’m thinking resistance! And that’s why I think Aslan needs to come back. (Maybe.)

There ABSOLUTELY is a fantastic Narnia fan fic out there: King Edmund’s Crusade. Written by my husband. You can see by the reviews that it is an extremely popular work, and it is very well written. There is also a companion page with detailed character profiles and other info.

He is currently working a sequel to King Edmund’s Crusade, The Redemption of Sulva. I’m proofing the most recent installment tonight and it should be posted soon. HERE is the companion page for that story.

Enjoy!! I may be a bit biased, but I think my husband is an excellent writer.


my personal opinion on similar books aside (because it should not affect your decision) I think you should go ahead and write the story, for two reasons, all writing projects improve your writing technique, and two, it may turn out that you write an entirely different story entirely than what you now envision, and that would also be exciting. Characters have a way of taking over like that.

Believe me, I know about this, even living in the US, and it scares me.

But a lot of us here keep up with the anti-Christian movement over there. You’re not alone.

Technically if you’re a good writer and you know your craft the charater shouldn’t take over! But the reality can be different.

The heroine, Ann, already seems to write herself and is a quite unconsciously generated delight! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input. I wouldn’t mind liasing with the author of the other fanfic project.

Many thanks and any prayers appreciated.

Some commentators reckon it’s a race between Canada and the UK as to who can secularise the fastest.

Don’t ask how I got this but I reckon God did give me an insight to my future.

“You will have homosexual marriage in the UK in around 10 years time. Shortly after that christians will be actively persecuted. At that time you will get married. Then the world will be shaken.”

Homosexual marriage = 2005. Legislation crushing christian protest follows almost immediately.
I met my wife in 2006.
Sexual Orientation regulations pass in April 2007.
I marry in May 2007.

That is one reason I am convinced Christianity is going underground here.

Everyone in the West is in the same boat since the West draws from the same anti-religious ideology father; Darwin, Marx, Freud and Nietszche.

Awwz—this is why you shouldn’t believe the US partisan media. They’re a mouthpiece for the secular humanists. But I can tell you it’s not true—if you want to PM me I can send you links to forums, blogs, and voices of reason from the other side.

Write on!

The price is right, so I think I would give it a chance! :wink:

Good luck!

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